• *dash is flooded by blackout* Oh my God *lies on the floor* Oh my God*curls up* Everyone is so gorge... the guys *happy sobs* seriously though my gosh everyone is so gorgeous the gals everyone in between Roast nonsense cornbeefroast •

*dash is flooded by blackout* Oh my God 

*lies on the floor* Oh my God

*curls up* Everyone is so gorgeous.

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*dash is flooded by blackout* Oh my God *lies on the floor* Oh my God*curls up* Everyone is so gorgeous.
comics zombiesmile Endling happy birthday you weirdo
my gif James Franco Dave Franco claflinated roast of james franco the comedy central roast of james franco damn you brothersss you guys are the worst tbh there's no other word for it also ugh so sad it was so dark in the audience :( look at that bitch
My art Koe no Katachi the shape of voice Ishida Shouya yuzuru nishimiya ishida is a SAINT ok A SAINT his transformation is nothing short of beautiful from a seriously disturbed bully to an ACTUAL ANGEL he cares about those nishimiya girls so much and it makes me wanna cryyyyyyy everyone in this FREAKING manga suffers so much a group hug is needed
eeeeee makoto tachibana NEVERRRR i just have to draw everyone though because ohana means family AND NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND!!! ok but like you see all the panels with only one other person those are all my mako ships DO U BELIEVE I SHIP EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM I'M SO CRAZY hbd orca prince the sweet boy is growing up!!! ( ; _____ ; ) what time zones do you guys even live in it's literally 1 minute in to the 17th for me and yet i feel late to the party i will never get over haru's animosity to kisumi
My art supernatural dean winchester sam winchester castiel spn Team Free Will this is what the gabriel thing did to me i actually finished drawing this earlier this afternoon but we had to go somewhere and i only got to finish the coloring now gosh you guys i love drawing these three but i find dean the most difficult to draw i think it's his hair URGH i need to catch up i'm still in season 6 fhsajgakdflga i had to color in a bit of sammy's eye ffff i didn't think it would get notes so i didn't bother fixing it ;v; ahhhh thank you so much you guys!
homestuck SERIOUSLY GUYS Everyone ignore annie's bullshit the happy fruit key lime If you complain your tag is dead try being a key lime fan there is no fanart honey also I ship Bec Noir x Key Lime OTP 5EVA
10k Teen Wolf : melissa mccall twedit everyone made lydia allison acott stiles kira and all that so i made a melissa one though this is the worst thing i've ever done ugh in my defense all of her scenes were so dark and yellow im just
homestuck jake english Dirk Strider Gosh PRINCE OF MY HAAAATO.... continuing the trend of underwhelming dirkjake pics im amazed at how this picture manages to be overworked yet halfassed
Daniel Radcliffe top gif1 Robert Ascroft danradedit new york moves magazine laughing so hard at his character in the short though cause it's so unlike daniel radcliffe and hahah actiiing gosh your profile is gorgeous
Ngl actually one of the coolest things is reading fic by someone who is super knowledgeable about a specific fieldLike do you realize how many unique and interesting AUs exist (yes even in the ubiquitous ‘coffee shop AU’ genre) simply because the writer has this deep interest in some particular skil...
ashley benson pretty little liars hanna marin nikita bless you marlene seriously though you guys everyone needs to watch nikita take advantage of the pll hiatus and netflix that shit or watch it online