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  • Multitasking- Your Sim can hop on the treadmill and watch the home and garden channel on the TV – so she’s gaining a little gardening skill and getting fit on the treadmill at the same time. That Sim can then flirt with another Sim who is nearby, while staying on the treadmill!
  • Group Controls- Players will now have control over groups of Sims. You can now tell Sims when they’re in groups to do things together. ‘Go over there together,’ or click on a basketball hoop and select ‘shoot hoops together’.
  • Emotional States- Within each of the emotional states – including happy, sad, inspired and depressed, among others – are a range of nuances that will unlock contextual actions. Sad Sims might be inspired to paint something depressing, while angry Sims might have extra drive when working out! Mood influences Sim behavior and animation as well- the way the Sim gets out of bed, walks, and interacts with other Sims are all affected by mood.
  • New Buy Mode- Furniture can be purchased through an Ikea-like catalogue, offering a range of items that directly influence how a Sim feels within the environment.
  • New Build Mode- Just as in the new CAS, you will be able to place a room and drag it around and shape it easily. The new “blocks” system allows for extreme flexibility. You just plop down rooms and pull them apart and shape them as you please. You don’t need to plan a house beforehand; more flexible, and requires less time and patience. You can adjust the pitch, curvature and overhand of roofs! Still no curved walls.
  • Furniture Influence on Mood- An inspirational painting could boost the creativity of a Sim, while a room decorated with many romantic objects will make Sims feel “flirty”. However, just one romantic candle will not dramatically affect the mood of a Sim…it is more about the overall tone of the room.
  • New Relationship System- Instead of one relationship bar that slowly increases from friendship to romance, TS4 now has two concurrent bars- romance and friendship. It will be much easier to stay friends with a Sim without delving into romantic territory. This also opens up the possibility for “soul mates”, or two Sims that have maxed out friendship and romance bars!
  • New Create-A-Sim- Like molding clay, but not as messy. You can even change the way that a Sim walks! Randomization features have been made much more intelligent, so that even randomly selected clothes will match. 
  • Aspiration System- Both short-term and long-term goals, as in TS2. There will be a variety of reward objects, as before.
  • Active Careers- The core game system allows for events where players can go out and play through certain parts of their Sim’s career. Again, you’ll be interacting with other Sims as well to move up the career ladder. But no going to work with Sims!
  • Vibrant Neighborhoods– Chose among brilliant and diverse lots for your Sims to live in. Vivid visuals bring your Sim’s home to life. The new neighborhood looks a lot like the Southern US, but more stylized and charming.
  • Memories- Sims will remember past outfits, relationships and experiences. These memories will have a significant effect on their behavior and mood.
  • Sound Design- The game has over half a million sound files, and the sound system has gotten a technical overhaul. Sound now has direction; a Sim with his back facing the camera will sound a little muffled when he speaks. Music and sound will even be different depending on the shape of the room. Basically, TS4 has acoustics.
  • Three Floor Limit- TS4 limits each house and building to only three floors, unlike previous games.
  • Confirmed Special Objects- Cowplant, rocket ship, voodoo doll


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