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W’s 29 Days of Sim Making

Starting on 1st February, I’ll be making brand new Sims all month, with prompts submitted by the following lovely people: @fuzzyspork, @budgie2budgie, @veranka and @starrli.

If you fancy joining in, feel free - the more the merrier! The order of prompts is mostly randomised, with a group in the middle I just couldn’t split up that are going to be a lot of fun!

Day 1: Based on a food

Day 2: Raised in the jungle

Day 3: Twins

Day 4: Cupid

Day 5: Supernatural

Day 6: Cowboy

Day 7: Based on a song

Day 8: Loveable Grandma

Day 9: Diva

Day 10: Geek

Day 11: College Student

Day 12: Cat Lover

Day 13: Based on the weather

Day 14: Gardener

Day 15: Wrath (start of 7 Deadly Sims week!)

Day 16: Greed

Day 17: Jealousy

Day 18: Sloth

Day 19: Lust

Day 20: Gluttony

Day 21: Pride

Day 22: Based on an animal

Day 23: Coffee Addict

Day 24: Based on a flower

Day 25: Victorian Era

Day 26: Secret Superpower

Day 27: Based on a place

Day 28: Steampunk

Day 29: Celebrity Chef

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Hello everyone I invite you to discover very soon a winter mod I would suggest for download on the site! Know that I have nothing at all to change the operation of the game. All th...
Multitasking- Your Sim can hop on the treadmill and watch the home and garden channel on the TV – so she’s gaining a little gardening skill and getting fit on the treadmill at the same time. That Sim can then flirt with another Sim who is nearby, while staying on the treadmill! Group Controls- Playe...
89 Features Missing from The Sims 4
Thank you to Bflury on TS3 Forums for organizing this list! I fixed a lot of spelling/grammar/writing issues for you guys…enjoy! Everything below has been 100% confirmed, excluding the final category. This is a list of features that were COMPLETELY CUT or REDUCED from previous iterations of T...
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