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The Zodiac Signs and Commitment

  • Aries Signs: These people are big flirts when they’re single, but once they find that special someone, they’re committed to that person and that person only. If you’re looking to keep them around, keep the relationship fun and exciting. Don’t develop too many routines. 
  • Taurus Signs: A Taurus is nothing but dedicated. They are sometimes a little too dedicated to someone. They look for a close, honest, and loyal relationship. But because they are so committed to you, they expect you to return the loyalty!
  • Gemini Signs: A Gemini won’t always cheat on you if they lose interest but they will flirt with others. Even if they’re head over heels for you, you still may find them checking out the hot man/woman on the other side of the room in that tight outfit. But don’t worry! They may have their fantasies, but they’re coming home to you at the end of the night.
  • Cancer Signs: This sign takes every relationship very seriously and will think twice before ever cheating on you! They always consider your feelings and how you’d react if you ever found out.
  • Leo Signs: A Leo has a hard time keeping a very long relationship. They’re constantly changing and growing and their attitudes toward relationships change. Sometimes they want to settle down and other times they don’t. 
  • Virgo Signs: A Virgo is more in love with him/herself than they ever will be with someone else. Sometimes they don’t consider others’ feelings and will act without thinking. They need someone to open their eyes and calm them down. They need someone to show them how to be serious and faithful. 
  • Libra Signs: Libras’ opinions about someone (especially their mate) are always changing. They love you, then they want to leave you, then they want to be with you, and then they’re ready to be with someone else. Usually they end up staying with someone for a while but they struggle with flirting with others. They’re big flirts!
  • Scorpio Signs: A Scorpio is usually very loyal but also insecure. Because of this trait, they make any relationship difficult. If it becomes difficult, they won’t always leave. They’ll stick around but may find someone new. However, this isn’t true for every Scorpio. 
  • Sagittarius Signs: These people never know what they want. They need someone who can keep up with them, for they’re always on the run. As much as they’d like to have a long and serious relationship, they can’t always stick around and commit to just one person.
  • Capricorn Signs: If you read the “Cancer” section above, it’s the exact same for the Capricorn. Tradition, commitment, and seriousness = a Cap.
  • Aquarius Signs: This may be the most unreliable sign when it comes to relationships. Though these people are sweet, they’re also very confusing and indecisive. They can’t decide if they want to be with someone or leave them.
  • Pisces Signs: A Pisces always feels lucky to have any partner they can get a hold of, so they won’t let you go without a fight. They’re cautious in any relationship and very committed. They’re looking for one person and one person only.

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The Zodiac Signs and Commitment
Aries Signs: These people are big flirts when they’re single, but once they find that special someone, they’re committed to that person and that person only. If you’re looking to keep them around, keep the relationship fun and exciting. Don’t develop too many routines.  Taurus Signs: A Taurus is not...
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  • You see an Aries being down
  • You see a Taurus admitting they're wrong
  • You stay in a Gemini's life for long
  • You see that Cancer's strong and protective side
  • You see a Leo admitting their insecurities
  • A Virgo lets you in their disorganized head
  • You see a Libra not being nice just because they feel like they should be
  • A Scorpio tells you a secret
  • ...
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  • Aries:Most Likely To Own A Bookstore
  • Taurus:Most Likely To Have A Profession Involving Music
  • Gemini:Most Likely To Throw Stupid College Parties
  • Cancer:Most Likely To Get Drunk and Then Regret It
  • Leo:Most Likely To Crash A Wedding
  • Virgo:Most Likely To Cheer You Up
  • Libra:Most Likely To Come Out As Gay
  • Scorpio:Most Likely To Try Crazy Diets Every Month
  • ...
  • aries:space enthusiast
  • taurus:floral child
  • gemini:cityscape
  • cancer:aquatic abyss
  • leo:cultural roots
  • virgo:old book smell
  • libra:clouds and sky imagery
  • scorpio:cute occult
  • ...
  • Aries:Swimming pools, cold drinks in the summer. Hazy orange-yellow sunsets, passionate kisses. Hair touching, long car rides with friends, watching the sunrise. Long naps, yelling along to music.
  • Taurus:Secluded forests, slight breezes that sway tall grass. Long, meaningful text messages, chipped nail polish, the smell of the ocean. Having the music at full volume and drowning out the rest of the world.
  • Gemini:Long car rides alone, windows down, loud music. Poetry, typewriter clicks. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts. The color black and navy blue, the smell after the rain. Existentialism, looking at stars.
  • Cancer:Long, warm hugs. Hand holding, kept secrets and light-hearted jokes. The color blue, dogs, wild flowers that grow in your backyard. The smell of new books, and the sound of an old piano.
  • Leo:Clean sheets, sleeping in late. Sunlight pouring into your room. Stretching, the smell of chocolate chip pancakes. CD's and clothes everywhere, intimacy. Bonfires, exotic beaches, and slightly out-of-tune guitars.
  • Virgo:Freckles, musical theatre, live performances. Harmonic singing, late night phone calls. Raspy morning voices, vanilla, and running until you're out of breath. Art museums, dancing, dark circles under your eyes. Foreign countries and languages, dogs.
  • Libra:Smiling between kisses, art galleries, paint-stained clothing. The sound of the harp. Graphite, the smell of coffee. Kept promises, swimming, and colliding hugs. Intertwined fingers, cats, crying, and the smell of burning wood in the wintertime.
  • Scorpio:Comfortable silence, nature, relaxation, being home. Thinking, being with family, the color green. Intelligence, old books, and the calming hum of a car engine. Camping, imperturbability.
  • ...
  • Makes the Puns:Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn
  • Laughs at Puns:Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer
  • Groans at Puns:Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces
  • Counter-Puns:Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius
  • Hard shell, soft core:Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo, Aries, Scorpio, Pisces
  • Soft shell, hard core:Cancer, Leo, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Taurus
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