• they saw it puzzled over it and KEPT it outerspacecake •
they saw it puzzled over it and KEPT it
they saw it puzzled over it and KEPT it

I’m going to be laughing about this for ages

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they saw it puzzled over it and KEPT it
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gif Harry Styles Niall Horan aw hah too cute the quality was shit and there were watermarks all over it but i had to gif it either way they're just too amusing in interviews together i love them harrys face after niall tells him he's doomed because of his back though and how he kept pushing niall when they talked about fighting haha niall was so done so was harry that wasn't funny was it
my gif david fincher Se7en Kevin Spacey fmv okay i rlly like this idk why
television epilepsy warning gif warning the legend of korra Avatar the Legend of Korra *subtitles Pabu Bolin this is how conversations with my cats go they generally begin with me shouting I FEED YOU AND I CLEAAAAN YOUR POOO YOU UNGRATEFUL FELINS YOU COULD AT LEAST PRETEND TO LISTEN TO ME and end with them looking at me puzzled and maybe they also try to tear my eyes off but that's not relevant now is it this gifset exists because of pabu I really do not give a crap about the real love stuff but pabu's perplexity is beautiful
thorin oakenshield an unexpected journey I'm so sorry the desolation of smaug hobbitedit Beth makes graphics saw this again today and it was even better the second time around mainly because Olivia and I kept making stupid jokes like this the whole time samuraibowtie everything Middle Earth
* Ziam tmh tour its funny because after liam says this u can see zayn shaking his head but then when it comes to doing it zayn kept hitting the high note and he done it once and they all cheered then he done it again idk i think its cute zayns cute
mine glee santana lopez naya rivera Quinn Fabray Dianna Agron oh yeah the only thing worse than the dismissive shit these characters say about each other is the dismissive shit they say about themselves what the fuck was this exchange even supposed to be they have not been the popular it-girls in a long LONG time they are the two female characters who have had it the worst in the last three years the teenage mother and the frightened closeted lesbian doing whoever we wanted? seriously? like the guy who lied about using protection and the string of guys used to prove how straight you are? or the guy who kept picking another girl over you and the girl you had to watch date someone else after finally accepting your sexuality? it's been one big cake walk for these two time to let someone else have a chance to shine
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When she was alive, Madge kept a diary. During the reconstruction of District 12, the workers found ...
so can we talk about how the jean jacket harry and louis are sharing is a little small on harry and a little big on louis? because it hurts me