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Things associated with the Signs

Aries - Healing scabs. Dirty nails from gardening. Sunlight through stained glass. Sunflower gardens. Cheap tobacco. Unfinished house plans for someday. 

Taurus - Sour candy. Horror movie marathons. Sand leftover from the beach. Frilled dresses. Forgotten iced coffee. Well kept secrets. 

 Gemini - Checker patterns. Banana milkshakes. The anticipation before a storm. Tapping fingers. Partial songs stuck in your head for weeks. 

 Cancer - Broken china. Neatly folded dish towels. The scent of bleach. Unused stationary. The calm after a panic attack. 

 Leo - The strain of muscle. Loud bass you can feel in your chest. Wet salt air. The warmth of a creeping blush. Feeling lonely in a room full of friends. Chai tea. 

 Virgo - The smell of home cooking. Liquid concealer to hide the dark circles under your eyes. Knowing smiles. Black coffee. Late night breakdowns. 

 Libra - Craft beer. Sunburnt skin. When you know you’re winning an argument. Strong cologne. Impulse vacations. 

 Scorpio - Once soft skin roughened by time. Jazz music. Camera shyness. Skeptical looks. Car rides to nowhere at 100mph 

 Sagittarius - That’s what she said jokes. Car grease. The hollow feeling you allow when you think no one is paying attention. Skull splitting hangovers.

 Capricorn - The dreamy state of a misremembered past. Breakfast for dinner. Paint in your hair. Watching the rain fall. Old brick buildings. 

 Aquarius - Mismatched socks. Nails bitten to nothing. Wanderlust. Boiling hot baths to forget. Watching people to guess their life stories. 

 Pisces - Too many rescued animals. Dream journals. Excessive drinking. Purple eyeshadow. The new flower buds in Spring.

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