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this stupid but stupid funny

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this stupid but stupid funny
straight friend: hey you wanna come to the skate park me: sure me:
There is a blind man here tuning my piano and he keeps making blind jokes
then now
gif 1k anime tamako market ok i wanted to make a quick gif before i went to class and this one is really dumb / stupid BUT TAMAKO'S FACE JVNKJ and this scene was just really funny idk i queued up some other dumb shit so bye
me Fanart jack frost rise of the guardians nickels draws i thought it was funny at first but... wow this is really stupid ahah
mine this is so stupid but I had to
I’ve gained some weight but you don’t care. And when you look at me, I see the same hunger in your eyes as that first night. My body’s s...
s bjork this is kind of stupid but whatever
LOL song Justin Timberlake april may so stupid it hurts but so funny