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There needs to be a word stronger than like, but weaker than love.

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If you give a man a cigarette, he’ll smoke for ten minutes. If you light him on fire, he’ll smoke for the rest of his life.
When I was born they didn’t have the internet. Imagine how that’s gonna sound coming out of my mouth in 20 years
Most legends are just really old and famous rumors.
The laugh track in “How I Met Your Mother” would make more sense if it were two kids laughing, rather than a studio audience.
White trash is such a hateful phrase. I prefer the term “caucasian non-recyclables”
Every rule has an exception, and the exception to this rule, is this rule.
“Dick pics” should have been called “junk mail”
Every time I hear someone say “Only God can judge me”, I imagine God saying “This guy is such an asshole”
If you replace the “W” in Where, When and What with a “T”, you end up answering the question.
Without providing a thousand pieces of proof I wouldn’t be able to convince a single person that I saw Bigfoot, or was abducted by aliens. But I could convince a thousand people that I met Jesus or spoke to god, without providing a single piece of proof.
Getting married at 21 is like leaving the party at 9:15 pm
A lot of people are now unknowingly celebrating their last New Year’s Eve.