• Nick: What’s been your favorite moment of One Direction and Radio 1 having a night out together?  Ti... Tina Breakfast Show nicholas ahahahaaa i wanted this whole convo so here stupidgorgeousbritishboys •

Nick: What’s been your favorite moment of One Direction and Radio 1 having a night out together? 

Tina: It’s… it’s hard… Oh I know, behind the scenes access to Harry’s dressing room! That was good.

Nick: Oh yeah. Talk to me about that dressing room.

Tina: That was the highlight. It was weird. It wasn’t like it was in the O2, it was like you were walking into a completely different world.

Nick: *laughs* You are reeeally selling this dressing room.

Tina: Black sheets, like it wasn’t like you were at an arena. Black sheets over the walls, scented candles, plush sofas, dark sofas, it was moody.

Nick: It was almost too dark in there. I wanna know if the rest of One Direction’s dressing rooms are like that. Or wether Harry’s like ’Can you  just deck this place out, please, and get some dark velvets and scented candles and a house plant?’

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