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Tips on time management:

Hi, since starting A-Levels I have had a huge amount of work to do, extra-curricular activities to go to etc. and not a lot of time to do this in; here’s a few tips on how you can manage your time to work more efficiently :)

  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours each night - Feeling awake and refreshed means you work much more efficiently than if you are tired and sluggish.
  • Get an early start - Waking up early and completing tasks early in the day sets you up for a productive day; an easy way to get things done.
  • Make a schedule - A weekly schedule or timetable is so useful. You can block out the time you’re in school/college and doing other things (extra-curricular, clubs, sleeping etc.) and then you know how much time you have to work with in terms of completing homework/doing revision.
  • Plan everyday - Taking a short amount of time each morning to plan your day will cause you to be a lot more productive, because you know exactly what you have to complete that day.
  • Prioritise tasks - Putting your most important or urgent tasks to the top of your to-do list will means that even if you can’t do everything you wanted to do that day, you’ve still completed the most key tasks.
  • Create habits - Making habits such as getting up early or starting on homework as soon as you get home will mean you are much more productive; these things will just become second nature.
  • Know it’s okay to say ‘No’ - It’s easy to keep saying ‘yes’ to everything; to meeting up with friends, taking on another assignment, helping out at a school event. Learn that’s it’s ok to be selfish and just to focus on you and what you have to get done in your time.
  • Give tasks/assignments time limits - Setting limits on times for tasks will make it easier to keep to your schedule. It’s easy for tasks to just keep dragging on and on. A limit will prevent this happening, increasing your efficiency.
  • Split up your to-do list - A long to-do list can be daunting; split large assignments up into smaller and more manageable chunks.
  • Utilise your weekends - Weekends are so incredibly useful! Two days of no scheduled school/college. It’s a great time to catch up on any notes or homework. Don’t waste that time by getting up late or messing around on the internet.
  • Block out distractions - Hide your phone, turn off the wifi, put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your bedroom/study door - do whatever you need to so that you can work uninterrupted, and fully focus and concentrate on the task at hand.

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