• Today, I fucked up... by teaching my Jr. High class how to drop a "That's what she said..." joke today-ifuckedup •

Today, I fucked up... by teaching my Jr. High class how to drop a "That's what she said..." joke

I teach acting for a professional actor training program in theatre, and I had a class of Jr. High kids last year. So, one day I was teaching the concept of subtext, and that words can mean just about anything you want them to mean. Sometimes it’s not about WHAT you say but HOW you say it. To which a boy student replied: “You mean like innuendo?”

Me: “Not where I was going, but yes, just like innuendo.”

Multiple students in unison: “What’s that?”

Me: (Oh, no) Well, it’s when you say something that is not sexual in nature, but by the way you say it, it sounds sexual.

Same boy student: “Yeah, like saying ‘That’s what she said…’”

Group of students: “I don’t get it.”

(This is when I really start to realize I might be in trouble)

Me: (sighing) “Well, when someone says something not sexual, you can blurt out "That’s what she said…” at the end and it kinda makes it dirty.


Girl student: “Oh my god, that is awesome”

I’ll tell you, if these students grabbed onto ANY OTHER of the concepts I teach as fast as they got this, my teaching tactics would be of legend. These kids turned into the most dirty, ruthless, sexual wit monsters the rest of class. They were fully loaded with an amazing new skill…and I was fresh bait.

Me to student: “I need you to be bigger!”

Random student yells out: “That’s what she said!”

Me to another student: “You are rushing this moment. Slow it down.”

Random student yells out: “That’s what she said!”

Etc. You get the idea.

So, here is when this comes back to bite me. Fast forward a week. Just before class, one of my students comes up to me. She is the normally really quiet one. Shy. Completely unassuming. Sits in the back. Rarely talks. The kind you usually forget about you know? She comes up to me with a mischievous grin on her face and says:

“Soooo, I kinda got into trouble this week. I got my first detention”

Me: “Oh wow, really?! What did you do?” (She then proceeded to tell me this amazing story while I stood in complete shock)

Girl student: “So, I was in band the other day (she plays the clarinet) and our teacher was working with us on group sections in class and when he was working with mine he got really frustrated and shouted 'Finger this harder!’ To which I accidentally blurted out "That’s what she said!” The ENTIRE class stopped talking and went silent. My teacher then told me to see him after class, and then gave me detention.“

I stood in silence, not knowing whether to feel proud, or afraid for my job. Stunned, I asked her, "Do you even know the meaning of what you just said?”

Girl: “Yep!” (Then she walked away)

Outside of the fact that this might have been THE BEST delivery of that joke I have ever heard, thank god she only got detention…and I still have a job.

Kids today are messed up.

tl;dr: Taught my teenage students about “That’s what she said”, helped one student earn her first detention like a boss.

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