• am i the only person who saw this when he tweeted that pic tom hiddleston he will smother you with a loki pillow while you sleep and then run off into the streets screaming 'i do what i want' the secret is he has no secret he just wants to KILL YOU this is what my mind conjures up at times of madness what else do i tag this with black-nata •

am i the only person who saw this when he tweeted that pic

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am i the only person who saw this when he tweeted that pic
MY EDIT LOTR Frodo Baggins lotredit i know this quote is kind of killed but how come no one made stuff for frodo to it is beyond me so yep A MUST this silence he's wrapped in he suffers in he endures   in there are moments at the beginning he talks about his fears he complains he exposes himself with all this vulnerability he is terrified he can't do it he won't he   just wants to go home and then . . . and then he goes silent he keeps it all inside THIS BOILING MESS OF FEAR ANGER PAIN AND BURDEN and ring makes it DOUBLED TRIPLED ALL INTENSIFIED AND ADDS SO MUCH MORE: GREED CRUELTY PARANOIA VIOLENCE it happens behind the walls he hides himself in NO ONE IS ALLOWED what do you know   about it? NOTHING - and then sam learns what it means to carry the ring EVEN FOR A LITTLE WHILE and his face says everything - IT'S SUCH A BURDEN IT'S SUCH A BURDEN   AND YOU'RE ALONE A ALL ALONE WITH IT and yet it does not make him bitter it does not make him angry it does not make him demanding AND PULLING EVERYONE INTO THIS PAIN   AND GRIEF he remains silent HE WRITES THE WHOLE BOOK ABOUT IT HE POURS IT ALL THOUGH IT HURTS IT STILL HURTS SO MUCH everything he went through but mostly SHAME AND   GUILT partially it's on these pages BUT MOSTLY IT'S IN THESE SCARS HE KEEPS BENEATH HIS SKIN no one will ever see he goes for sam to live he holds bilbo's hand on   this last journey as if his own fear loneliness mourning didn't matter and he sails on in silence and humility
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harry potter help who would win WHAT DO YOU THINK I would LOVE a fanfiction where voldemort actually suceeds with this plan like if Harry never found the secret camber and ginny died horcrux-voldemort would have become a like real boy right? like a hardcore pinoccio and then? would he sneak out of the camber and go to hogwarts next year in disguise? it's possible that dumbledore would have recognized him but dumbledore is not that good at noticing things and he could have used a disguise would he kill harry or try to use his powers/learn more about horcruxes? what if he he realized that harry was a horcrux and what if the rest of voldemort had come back to power after book 4 like it did in the original timeline would they team up or would they fight I guess both voldemorts are too self centred to be a team player? diary voldemort has the advantage that noseless voldemort does not know that he exists but noseless voldemort has more expierience at the whole being an evil wizard thing and he has the death eaters also a fly got stuck up in my nose today
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My art fanfic thorkiedit THANK YOU BBY SatansSin Remember some time ago we were talking about a blind!Loki it's so tragic and beautiful at the same time and she wrote it for me i still adore it
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