• torcon my torcon i'm so late posting these aha i don't care i'm nostalgic a man amazing beauty nova face novachester •
torcon my torcon i'm so late posting these aha i don't care i'm nostalgic a man amazing beauty nova face

"can we do something cute, like just be looking at each other?"
"well okay but you gatta look happy to see me."

i was such a mess after this his eyes are so green and also FRECKLES JESUS CHRIST IN HEAVEN

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torcon my torcon i'm so late posting these aha i don't care i'm nostalgic a man amazing beauty nova face
my gif 1k Jensen Ackles 5k 10k conventions torcon spnedit cast: supernatural torcon13 jensen: plaid lol bc i'm using sarah's video haha i never know who's videos i'm using normally
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MY EDIT beauty and the beast Disneyedit Disney Ladies Month i'm sorry i keep posting these so late >.<
** MY EDIT the legend of zelda princess zelda zeldaedit hyrule warriors universityofhyrule idk how to tag???????? it's late to be posting this but wHATEVER sigh shit gifs BEAUTIFUL GAME I'M SO PUMPED I'LL PUNCH SOME KEESE I DON'T GIVE A FUCJ
Where I thought I was setting up how angels are as a strange alien species, it turns out Cas is just Misha’s interpretation of a socially aw...
Jared and Jensen are not great kissers." "But they sure know how to fondle balls.
my gifs Illya Kuryakin the man from uncle ahammeredit gaby teller tmfuedit m: the man from uncle lmao sorry I copied u dylan................ I'm Unoriginal and I have many Feelings.................... also y are so many of these scenes so dark and/or so yellow I'm dead I can't deal w this color palette this is so ugly I'm crying no one look at me I don't know how to color
My art Personal I DON'T KNOW my post sorry I made a thing GUH 25k i've been posting a lot more things that i wouldn't usually post and i feel like it's good and necessary but at the same time it makes me really self conscious and i don't know if that's actually helping in any case i'm just going to go ahead and post this really late at night soooo
my edits mine Fairy Tail Natsu Dragneel Lucy Heartfilia please forgive me nalu ftgraphics nalu week myedits:fairytail DOES THIS EVEN BELONG IN THAT TAG I'M SORRY i ended up combining the two last prompts and posting it one day late HAHA but i would've felt bad if i didn't make at least one thing for nalu week i have a lot of feelings for these two you don't understand this scene and the one that comes after it make me so emotional asdlkasjdsad
my posts ugh castiel q 5k 10k light of my life spnedit castieledit spncastiel yes i'm late to the party everybody despises these by now don't worry i'm laughing/judging myself too sometimes i just remember how sad i am about you i'm compelled to make things i love you so unreasonably much
gif 1k Harry Styles i love him ;) james dean wwatna phoenix harry is my religion cari told me i was a dick for posting so many phoenix-gifs so naturally i'm posting these as well :) if you don't love his moves on stage you're lying to yourself cause he's tHAT fucking hot look at his smirk in the last gif and the chewing fuck him but FUCK HIM you know