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There ya go, buddy-o.

Open in new tab of better bigger shtuff.

I suppose i didn’t really answered the request, since i didn’t draw them interacting together ? I still hope these lil’ comics will cheer ya up and feed your Trunkrat needs.

I got the idea for the second comic as i was drawing the first one, and i wanted to get both our of my system before my bedtime. That’s why the second is simpler. Got ideas here and there for others. But oh well. Dunno if it’s worth the shot.

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america just automatically wins because
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“ten letters” is ten letters, and this is ten words
I just want Obama to respond to something with “yeah well your dumb ass wanted to know why airplane windows don’t open”
Let’s examine this: Miss is a word for a woman that has not been married. Mrs. is an abbreviation of the word Mistress, used as a t...
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boys get really hot and bothered when sexting and im probably laughing during it and eating macaroni 
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