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people are actually whining about hussie going on hiatus to work on the game?
imagine all the people not pretending john lennon wasn’t just another creepy, fetishizing, abusive, shitty, white dude
Ways in which tumblr could improve their site that would actually benefit the users: a proper tag memory system that doesn’t just bring up once-off tags you used two years ago wrap tags no tag character limit more options for photosets (alternatively, incorporate the free-form photoset script ...
Complete work of Richard Siken on Spork
Richard Siken [1.1]     Ornithopter   (Editor’s Pages) [1.2]     Love From a Distance    (Editor’s Pages) [1.3]     Black Telephone    (Editor’s Pages) [2.1]     The Long and Short of It    (Editor’s Pages) [2.2]     With All My Road    (Editor’s Pages) [3.1]     ...
When I leave all of my work until the last minute on Sunday
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i should really work on school work instead of stupid stuff like this
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