• since it is trans day of visibility, we should do more than just post selfies. today i will try to b... trans March 31 trans resources trans day of visibility bazzubi •

since it is trans day of visibility, we should do more than just post selfies. today i will try to be posting resources, history, and transition stories. there’s nothing wrong with posting some selfies today, but we should also be making our community, history, and siblings known. 

a small list of resources for the moment: 

i will try to have more soon!! including stuff to good places to get things like binders and breast foams, clothes, make up, etc. 

edit (final): i took out everything in reference to blackout. it was inappropriate of me, and i apologize. this should have just been a list of some trans resources. i’m sorry. 

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Reading this list is heartbreaking. November 20th is Transgender Remembrance day and this week is Trans Awareness week.  This year the youngest victims are 16.
Resources for Genderqueer and Non-Binary Trans* People
We get quite a few people who come to us explaining that they identify as neither male or female or feel both male and female and are concerned that they are the only ones that feel that way. Others come knowing that they aren’t the only ones out there that feel that way, but feeling alone and...
Niara has been moved! Please write to her!
Our friend Niara, a black trans woman held hostage by the Pennsylvania prison system for killing a john of hers, has been transferred to a new prison. Upon her transfer, she was thrown in the hole for whatever reason, but expects to be released into general population 1/3/14. Prison is hell for eve...
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If you identify as trans* feminine, trans* woman, or MTF, reblog this.
I just would love to see how many sisters are out there!
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[TRANS] The kind acts by YoonAngel that many of you may not know
? An account by a volunteer who is deeply touched by how YoonA did volunteer work secretly in Peru I went to a school in Peru to do volunteer works with friends, a teacher teaching there told me that YoonA has ever came here to do volunteer works too. But no matter how i search on the net, i could n...
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I'm a trans man who dislikes the tumblr social justice "trans* community". Here's a list of some of ...
“But if you reject me based on my genitals that’s cisse- People have preferences when it comes to genitalia of partners. That’s life, being rejected sucks but someone is not oppressing you by not being attracted to you. You come across an entitled baby by shaming someone for lacki...
"a writer’s character’s viewpoints don’t reflect the writer’s viewpoints!!!" actually, they do. that doesnt mean having a, for instance, homophobic character means the author is homophobic. but how is the homophobia treated? is it criticized? is it excused, idealized? is it f...
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