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Some femmes are dominant and some butches are submissive. Some men have vaginas and some women have penises. Sometimes what you call a clit is called a dick by it’s owner, and sometimes a dick is really a clit. Some straight men want to be penetrated and some straight women want to do it. Some...
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The above article is an update.  Her mother went to appeal to keep her out of the psychiatric ward and lost.  She will be institutionalized because of her expression of her gender....
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The 15-year old trans*person who needs a safe place to stay
has informed me that they live in Hartford, CT. If there is anyone in the area who would be willing to help, please contact me and I will get you in touch with them. I’m not exactly sure about the legal specifics of hosting a minor in CT.  Please check that out if you wish to help. They do ...
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  • Fanboy:Your dressing today is really sexy
  • Kai:It's even better when I'm back at the dorms
  • Fanboy:Besides your self introduction, thank you and nice to meet you, are there any other chinese sentences you can speak?
  • Kai:I do but I would not tell it to a guy
please help
hey guys so, um, this isn’t an easy post to write. basically, my father is blackmailing me. he’s holding a considerable amount of money - which i need for food and other living expenses, because i’m in pretty dire financial straits - over me conditional to a list of behaviours he w...