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Life sure is strange

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when someone tells you their favorite candy, listen. write it down if you have to. remember it. when you know they’re having a shitty day, buy it for them. be the best human you can be; buy your friends their favorite candy when they really, really need it and don’t even know it.
eleventh doctor Tenth Doctor ninth doctor dwedit how many genocides have you committed today? eu masterlist (and classic who but it's not like you guys won't see this anyway)
my gifs ** jc connor franta Ricky Dillon Sam Pottorff Jc Caylen Trevor Moran Kian Lawley our2ndlife O2L jccaylen lifewithjc our 2nd life this looked so good i almost cried this is the last thing im posting in a lil bc i have to do school shit
GTA V gta 5 crazy man trevor philips
1k my edits my gifs martin freeman ugh 5k how are you even real? Trevor Nelson's Soul Show I just LOVE how into music he is it's one of the most attractive things to me seeing a guy really get into music like that and to top it off it's fucking incredible music
TylerOakley Tyler Oakley Trevor Project the trevor project prizeo
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Trevor Live 2013 - The cast of Glee introduce Jane Lynch Ful...
pokemon trevor tierno ch1nelle art pokemon x and y whispers i ship them a lil tierno is a cutie trevor is a super cutie
Mean Girls 500 days of summer Love Actually friends with benefits Pride and Prejudice Clueless dirty dancing grease ghost no strings attached bring it on miss congeniality 10 things i hate about you gone with the wind p.s. i love you Freaky Friday Just Go with It 13 going on 30 legally blonde How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Notting Hill 50 first dates pretty woman pitch perfect Breakfast at Tiffany’s my big fat greek wedding girls just want to have fun tvseries and movies Bridget Jones’ Diary My Best Friend’s Wedding
my gifs supernatural my stuff 1kto10k that is 32 dead hunters you're welcome three of them didn't have death scenes but we know they're dead so they're still in there I didn't include allies like psychics or temporary helpers or informants like pamela or frank or henriksen and them. or survivors like in the end or croatoan just actual hunters who have dedicated their lives to hunting also cookie for whoever can name them all. only the last three didn't have names The mark on my queue's neck looks like an upside down Q
Pop Danthology 2013
Daniel Kim 
SONG LIST (In alphabetical order by artist) Anna Kendrick – “Cups (When I’m Gone...