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trick education math pi mathematics coffe area circumference

Pi = May i have a large container of coffee!

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trick education math pi mathematics coffe area circumference
It annoys me when people say “there goes another day when I’ve never used algebra” or “I don’t use maths in real life” because these people clearly haven’t been taught any real number sense or mathematical awareness. It shows that these people were taught ma...
“I’m bad at math.”I hear this a lot. You probably do, too. H*ck, you might even say it, some of you ( though, I really hope not). I’ve heard it from countless people, and I have never once observed it to be true. That keeps me asking the same question: “What is the education system doing to people t...
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For the first time, scientists have discovered a classic formula for pi in the world of quantum physics. Pi is the ratio between a circle’s circumference and its diameter, an...
When people say ‘I hate math’ what you’re really saying is, ‘I hate the way mathematics was taught to me.’ Imagine a...
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