• Whats new on tumblr you ask????? the color of your dash. old: #2f4b66 new: #2C4762 tumblr im dead ghahaahaha why would they... jades rambling good job jade jadespook •

Whats new on tumblr you ask?????

the color of your dash.

old: #2f4b66

new: #2C4762

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Whats new on tumblr you ask????? the color of your dash. old: #2f4b66 new: #2C4762
homestuck Jade Harley My art epilepsy warning jade i hate how tis came out iM SICK OF LOOKIN AT IT THROWS IT AT TUMBLR
so i was going to make a text post about my followers but i accidentally clicked ‘photo’ post, so i just highlighted the text and typed in ‘text’ instead of photo but i misspelled it and it still motherfucking worked i don’t know if i should be like ‘lol tumblr y...
How some people view babies and small children How I view babies and small children
liam payne Liam Payne is perfect baby liam i dead
good job
grateful dead '90 buffalo exchange
taylor swift idk Im bored tumblr is dead
head tshirt blow jobs gimme head till im dead blowies mouth job
hogwarts hp Graphic good god hogwarts has it's own tag because it is just that awesome and i know I overuse this quote but it gets to me i'll stop rambling now i wonder if 'rambing via tags on tumblr' will classified as a classic nervous habit in future
bluh dgm Allen Walker blahh wow okay I'm too lazy to edit those but this would make tag rambling relevant and then I was too tired to ramble but I actually get a little upset when I rewatch or reread any part where Allen is like 'believing and trusting in my comrades is important' like in the anime fillers or the Jasdevi sub-arc or other times because I think he feels so often that his burdens are not to be shared he gets so upset when Fou goes and he tried however comedically to avoid Johnny and Kanda I don't remember where I was going with this Allen is frustrating but in a good way yet frustrating nonetheless I don't understand why people are upset with Lenalee for slapping him way back when I kind of want to slap him a bit myself hold him of course but he does need a slap too the person who increased the height on tags needs to be slapped a whole lot more though
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