• Whats new on tumblr you ask????? the color of your dash. old: #2f4b66 new: #2C4762 tumblr im dead ghahaahaha why would they... jades rambling good job jade jadespook •

Whats new on tumblr you ask?????

the color of your dash.

old: #2f4b66

new: #2C4762

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Whats new on tumblr you ask????? the color of your dash. old: #2f4b66 new: #2C4762
homestuck Jade Harley My art epilepsy warning jade i hate how tis came out iM SICK OF LOOKIN AT IT THROWS IT AT TUMBLR
Kyungsoo indoislegifs was sobbing coz his character face was still on despite the pain i think he may have injured himself when they were dancing on top of the table..orz well glad to know that you are ok now and it was nth serious although how ok is 'ok'?! im rambling again and eww gif sorry...im still quite sad (stop making fun of him) baaabbbyyy
slit tw: blood YukiPri art *sniffles* mad max fury road okay enough rambling nux mmfr slux war boys Sometimes I sit back and wonder why I intentionally draw such painful things Bb Nux is a legit angel and Slit has to hold his hand to keep him out of trouble 'cause that's his job Bb Nux also grows like a weed catches up to Slit pretty quick I tried to put stuff on their pants that hinted at what their main jobs are at certain times Slit was a drummer war pup for a while a very coveted position I headcanon that a lot of Pups never make it to War Boy and when they do even fewer become drivers/lancers of any sort So becoming a driver/lancer especially at a relatively young age is a pretty elite position Slit's always been at the top of his class so to speak bigger and stronger than other pups his age and super scary and chrome Then he's assigned this scrawny ass clumsy twig who looks ready to kick the dust who actually happens to be a prodigy black thumb who excels at all the delicate stuff Slit's not as good at They become super reliable partners and become among the youngest pups to reach War Boy then get their own pursuit vehicle Oh yeah I remembered to mess up Slit's eye this time but it's so subtle you can barely see it...orz They not dead
homestuck Jade Harley space jades
good job
so i was going to make a text post about my followers but i accidentally clicked ‘photo’ post, so i just highlighted the text and typed in ‘text’ instead of photo but i misspelled it and it still motherfucking worked i don’t know if i should be like ‘lol tumblr y...
when your parents force you to go somewhere with them and when you arrive there, they start asking you questions like “are you okay?” “what’s wrong?” and tell you ridiculous things like “can you at least smile or not look bored” “can you try to enjoy?&...
the walking dead game twdg my art durrr idk the tag w/e thIIS TOOk em a while collpaes im so glad;;; its done tumblr makes everyTHING SMALL CL Ick why does eevy other cuckign character wear a stupid baseball cap they are so ahrd to draw rip
petition for tumblr staff to reset or delete all of the blogs with great urls that haven’t logged onto tumblr in like 4 fucking years
liam payne Liam Payne is perfect baby liam i dead
i was skipping class in there and was like ?????? why would they???? idk i laughed bc im three years old