• Whats new on tumblr you ask????? the color of your dash. old: #2f4b66 new: #2C4762 tumblr im dead ghahaahaha why would they... jades rambling good job jade jadespook •

Whats new on tumblr you ask?????

the color of your dash.

old: #2f4b66

new: #2C4762

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when your parents force you to go somewhere with them and when you arrive there, they start asking you questions like “are you okay?” “what’s wrong?” and tell you ridiculous things like “can you at least smile or not look bored” “can you try to enjoy?&...
me omg kim kardashian kardashian wow dead tweet kylie jenner I can't stop laughing im dying thisnis so funny hell0-jade
i was skipping class in there and was like ?????? why would they???? idk i laughed bc im three years old
app release overdue update
it’s both strange and amazing to see how a fictional character (or more) can help you and be your support through a bunch of bullshit in life. sure they’re just fictional people, but that attachment you have sure isn’t. even if it’s just a teeny little pick-me-up to make you smile or laugh, it’s wor...
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1k * edit armani chris pine pineedit trekcastedit armani code hey guyssss here's more chris after whoever requested more chris at this blog like a month or two ago lmao i know bbs i wish i were a little more diligent too
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Why would anyone complain about what poor people spend their money on. Have you seen what rich people spend their money on?