• Tumblr on April 2, tumblr hats michigan this is probably been done but im gonna post it anyways askmichigan •

Tumblr on April 2,


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Tumblr on April 2,
tumblr update this is a post this has probably been done but whatevs srsly tumblr get your shit together
cake THIS IS STUPID has this been done yuki im sorry tsuritama i dont even understand this meme but i did it anyways????
  • Aries:kanye’s acceptance speech
  • Taurus:kanye rest
  • Gemini:miley's reaction to nicki dragging her
  • Cancer:justin beiber crying
  • Leo:nicki minaj calling out miley
  • Virgo:WHAT'S GOOD
  • Libra:jaden smith drinking a carton of milk
  • Scorpio:billy ray cyrus recording miley being dragged by nicki
  • ...
gifs lupita nyong'o Lupita Nyongo lupitanyong'oedit probably gonna go back and retag my newer gifs as 'gifs' but anyways these probably go too fast but the video moment is so weird?? so like 0.06 looks too slow these are ugly im sorry but shes so gorgeous ugh not sure about the coloring either I SAY 'NEWER GIFS' BUT REALLY IT SJUST THE STEVEBUCKY GIFSET OMFG
eyes gore Monsters Magic teeth burns ? demons body horror monster girl worldbuilding monster boy coronation Teratophilia tribu's art i cant believe i made this entire fucking thing in firealpaca it took forever but it looks really nice to the anon asking about how amalgams happen: im gonna probably do an infographic about that too finallly this is done also if you haven't caught on andalucia much like its real world counterpart is an islamic nation hence all the cool girls in hijab wish i could have said more in some parts but oh well
* *gif aidan turner dean o'gorman hobbitedit *thcastgif sometimes i think that dean is the only one in this entire cast and crew who actually knows who plays who u go dean u tell'em apparently this has been done 3293 times before but i made these this morning when i didn't know about it ;__; so im gonna post it anyway yo
:) the mortal instruments isabelle lightwood mine: gif City of Bones this has probably already been done but w/e tmiedit ok so story time i made this a while ago based on that audio post that was floating around but tumblr wouldn't upload it no matter what i did so i remade it finally here
Dan Howell needs to dry himself off Dan Towel
australia whatever okay yep IDC shh im so sorry i think im funny but im not?? and also im bored this has probably been done?? aussie pride cunt
TV my posts anyways MTV ok IM DONE faking it Rita Volk faking it edit this show can be a little corny sometimes but sometimes its like dang u know this is real shit