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twitter beyonce lemonade stats I AM SO HAPPY highest score EVER


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mygifs beyonce michelle williams super bowl Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland leave me alone i am so happy they are coming back
The Best Man Speech
Sherlock  The Sign of Three
“The point I’m trying to make is that I am the most unpleasant, rude, ignorant a...
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beyonce I love you so much queen b tanyagif6 mine: beyonce BeyonceEdit she is so amazing your lyrics are everything i really hate it so much when people who don't like beyonce say that all she ever sings about is sex and trivial things because she has just as many deep and meaningful songs that inspire people i just love beyonce a lot
lesbian couple cutest couple ever i am so in love rose ellen dix rosie spaughton rose and rosie superkiss
iron man tony stark Clint Barton Hawkeye Natasha Romanoff black widow askthederpvengers
gif tangled disney happy sad run away fun Rapunzel .gif disney gif tangled gif best day ever running away rapunzel gif best day ever gif happy gif sad gif mother would be furious mother would be furious gif this is so fun this is so fun gif fun gif i'm going back i'm going back gif i'm never going back i'm never going back gif run away gif running away gif i am a despicable human being i am a despicable human being gif
1k * heather morris Brittany Pierce 5x12 britt I AM SO HAPPY SO HAPPY SO SO HAPPY OH MY GOD
upd8 homestuck.
singer beyonce gif warning beyonce knowles i am... yours [mine] gif the truest queen there is tumblr wouldn't let me upload this in color so i had to use b&w sigh [gif] beyonce
mine beyonce i am... world tour
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