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my edits hannibal hannibal lecter will graham hannibal spoilers i love their dynamic like just give me an entire episode of them just talking like how will is being potrayed as having pure empathy and hannibal has been described in other franchises as a pure pyschopath gOD DYNAMICS MAKE ME SO HAPPY YOU ALL DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND THEY COULD BE A FUCKING DREAM TEAM RULING THE WORLD BEFORE TEA TIME ....listen there are things that i am oops i should add... sorry my bad i just got excited
So I went on David fucking Slade's Twitter
Why  does he take such  fucking beautiful pictures of Mads!??? "When Mads came on the set, he said to himself, "Here is Hannibal." and  after a few days, we all knew it to be true." -David Slade ^ CUTEST THING EVER K
art comics hannibal hannibal lecter will graham nbc hannibal i am officially really into the show