• typo Big Bang bigbang Fantastic Baby 10PM typo spree piy-o •
typo Big Bang bigbang Fantastic Baby 10PM typo spree

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typo Big Bang bigbang Fantastic Baby 10PM typo spree
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no matter how many times i complain about fantastic baby you can guarantee that when i hear those first chords i’m going to jump on the nearest table and scream the lyrics from deep within my trashy vip soul  
Taeyang is wearing a shirt
BEST MV COLLECTION MAKING FILMSI  spent four hours TRYING SO SO HARD to upload all of these and they just keep getting blocked and removed and blacklisted practically instantly so hurry and watch!! (I’ll update the links as a I get more posted.)Lie Always Haru Haru Sunset Glow Breathe I’...
made by me Big Bang Kwon Jiyong choi seunghyun bigbang Fantastic Baby bigbang kind of synchronized
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Fantastic Afro Circus, Baby
Fantastic Afro Circus, Baby I HAD TO.  DON’T JUDGE ME. G-Dragon, you can...
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[WINNER] First Place Winning Video for BIGBANG Cover Surviva...
  • Seungri:....just let me be your lover
Seungri Big Bang gdragon daesung taeyang gd t.o.p monster Kwon Jiyong choi seunghyun bigbang tonight dance practice kang daesung lee seunghyun good boy somebody to love Fantastic Baby Dong Young-Bae who you ringa linga bigbang dance practice