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all im gonna say is 2011 one direction was the best one direction and no one can argue that
byme U-U
Meus Logan *u* dfjkfhasjdhas logan seduzindo a todos u-u
mine Arctic Monkeys R U MINE r u mine? arctic monkey r u mine
Se acha a palavra DEUS repasse: J H H K J O H P K F G S U O k U R M G L A S U S H D P K L S P U Q ...
  reblog e lembre o que DEUS disse:"Quem me negar na terra , negarei no céu
little blood orange riding hood
my friend always gets angry at me when I’m scrolling tumblr and she’s looking at stuff with me because I go too fast, but she fails to realize that I’ve developed the skill of being able to determine in a fraction of a second whether or not I care about the post, or if I’ve seen it before, or if it’...
When people are still following me even though we barely share any fandoms and I know they’re probably just being polite. So uhm how you doin you okay you still hanging in there with all the random shit I post do u want a cookie or some coffee or soda or something, I can make hot chocolate uhm...
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pretty beautiful gorgeous vintage Grunge disposable I love u lana del rey GIRL CRUSH pale lana soft grunge 4 u yuri can i be u
louis :) installed :) an :) iceskating :) rink :) in :) his :) backyard :)