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Don’t touch me; I’ll die if you touch me.

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Don’t touch me; I’ll die if you touch me.
Me: *music on shuffle* Me: 
mine3 disney homeward bound Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey I cry everytime at this part
i cry everytime
* Aang atla Avatar: the last airbender ugh that line slays me everytime
me: *pulls all nighter to finish assignment*teacher: okay, since a number of you haven’t finished…me: hoe don’t do itteacher: …i’ll extend the deadline to next week.me: oh my god
* gifs TV Teen Wolf i cried TW Stiles Stlinski melissa mccall i cry everytime twedit fyteenwolf dylansobrien userstileslydia
* YouTube darcy zoella zoe sugg Sprinkleofglitter noticed*lp i cry laugh everytime i watch this nyc queue :)
parks and recreation ben wyatt tom haverford monstersnet netnintendo this is my favorite line i cry everytime
pierce the veil tony perry
i cry everytime they do this