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Top image, Nazi propaganda in the 1930s.

Second image, UKIP and Vote Leave’s advert today. In 2016.

Beyond parody. Beyond comprehension.

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IMPORTANT: UK Student Loans to be sold off
If you are still paying back a student loan that you took out in 1998 or after, then you’re in for a nasty shock. George Osborne has confirmed that the government is committed to selling off student loans taken out from 1998-2012 to private companies. If this goes ahead, all students and gradu...
"A vote for Zuko is a vote to restore America's honor."
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Resource on why Thatcher was the worst of the worst.
Her government was happy to let a massive British city collapse, forcibly evacuate the city - because it elected a left-wing council. She put millions out of work, following Monetarist policy that she had to abandon when it was clear the situation was getting worse. She shut down democratically-elec...
Election day fuckery courtesy of the GOP
Surprising exactly no one, there have been many reports of problems at polling places today, particularly in swing states. It’s also clear that most of these efforts to frustrate, confuse, and trick voters are being done for the benefit of Republican candidates. Undermining the democratic proc...
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