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university academics higher education student debt Student loan

Some comics are hahaha funny. Other comics are oh god what have i done with my life funny.

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university academics higher education student debt Student loan
A recent study published by the University of South Carolina found that college graduates with student loan debt are more likely to suffer a decline in their mental health.
9 shocking facts about the student loan debt crisis1. Public college tuition in the United States was 3.22 times more expensive compared to 1985 adjusted for inflation.2. Meanwhile, the cost of college textbooks has seen a 1,041% increase since 1977 — three times the rate of inflation. 3. The averag...
So your SCHOOL LOANS are in DEFAULT and you are too scared to do anything about it
ON FEDERAL LOANS: Things have changed.When you call your loan servicer, they  won’t treat you like shit anymore. They won’t threaten you or harass you or insist you pay half your paycheck to get out of default. Here is what I’ve experienced while dealing with defaulted government loans. 1.  Find out...
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$80 Billion
That’s the expected cost to taxpayers over 10 years from Obama’s proposed free tuition plan, the White House admitted Friday.
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Students who acquire large debts putting themselves through school are unlikely to think about changing society. When you trap people in a s...
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