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unnecessary post-pinning


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unnecessary post-pinning
there are ships when you’re just like and some where you’re like and that ship you just and then there is the ship
if anyone asks what civil war is just show them this picture
i try to relate to the 1975’s songs but that’s kinda hard to do when ur an inexperienced 17 year old virgin who’s never done drugs
1k * disney tarzan hercules beauty and the beast aladdin beast movie poster abu Philoctetes i spent way to much unnecessary time on these not to post them
Ich bin nie mit dem was mir passiert ist richtig fertig geworden.
Wie viele Tränen hälst du täglich zurück?
So everyone’s thank you messages or whatever in the Mr.Simple album were all super long then Yesung’s like Dude what does that even mean
LOL funny tumblr meme post original pins pin bad luck brian pinning
edits MY EDIT manga manga coloring animanga manga edit yato anime edit yatogami noragami noragamiedit noragami manga yatoedit I have not got used to the unnecessary change the widths of the post ;-; delivery god yato yatocoloring noragamicoloring
1k edit exo gfx i am so sorry sehun ahahaha i couldn't resist oh sehun yehet exotypo and i saw a text post about how 8g milk was so last year so i'm catching up with the times??? this was totally unnecessary
When you find out that your future fiancee has had her spine bashed in half by a titan. #relatable