• In the month of August: - A mosque was burned down to the ground in in Joplin, Missouri. It was the ... USA europe hate crimes islamophobia fariyah •

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In the month of August: - A mosque was burned down to the ground in in Joplin, Missouri. It was the second time the mosque had been set on fire this summer - In California,two women dumped pig parts outside a home while Muslims prayed inside - In Illinois, a man fired an air rifle outside a mosque a...
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To consider Europe a single being is the worst you could do. Everybody hates everybody. The British hate immigrants, Germans hate Italians, Italians hate the French, the French hate everyone else
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A running list of all the people Donald Trump has offended while running for President:WomenMexican peopleBlack peopleIowansNew JerseyansJewish peoplePeople with disabilitiesRefugees fleeing the Islamic State groupOverweight peopleAsian peopleVeteransNative AmericansMuslimsAmerica, this is your Repu...
the impact of the terror attack in paris will be felt by european muslims more than anyone else, so those of us who aren’t muslim really need to stand by them like we did in sydney, because the rise of islamophobia and xenophobia in europe is very troubling and it’s so important that peo...