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  • "He loves me, he loves me not… oh."
  • "She loves me, she loves me not… oh."
  • "I don’t think it’s love…"
  • "So, is there anyone you’re secretly crushing on?"
  • "I don’t even like chocolate."
  • "Yeah, nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a bouquet that’ll die in two days…"
  • "I’m not sure if they’re a secret admirer or a stalker… but at least they have good taste in gifts."
  • "Oh! It’s my favourite time of year."
  • "If I send a mass text to all the people I like, I don’t need to get all of them gifts do I?"
  • "I’ve never had a Valentine."
  • "Will you be my Valentine?"
  • "Do you have a Valentine yet?"
  • "No one ever serenades me any more."
  • "Just don’t write a song and play it in front of everyone again… it’s embarrassing."
  • "Any secret admirers?"
  • "Oh, so you’re my secret admirer?"
  • "I may have been admiring you not so secretly."
  • "Just because you like me doesn’t mean the feeling is mutual."
  • "Seeing as we’ve both not got anyone, do you want to come to mine and watch a film?
  • "We’re never getting back together."
  • "So, he got me a teddy bear, but we fought and he tore off it’s head."
  • "How about instead of being ridiculous on one day of the year, you just be a decent partner for the other 364 days?!"
  • "We’re not together any more."
  • "If you haven’t booked a table we definitely won’t get to eat there on such short notice."
  • "It’s just Valentine’s day… I don’t see the big deal."
  • "What do you mean you didn’t get me anything?"
  • "I’m feeling sick, is it okay if we arrange our date for another night?"
  • "I’m not sure if they’re a secret admirer or a stalker…."
  • "Well… they don’t know I’m going out with you so we’re going to have a girls night sitting in and cry about being single…"
  • "I’ve got the lube and strawberries, we’re all set!"
  • "I got out the whipped cream and she slammed the door in my face."
  • "I am not wearing that."
  • "When he said he would give me a pearl necklace, I thought I was getting actual jewellery."
  • "It would have been a lot more romantic if you de-thorned the rose before you put it in your mouth…"
  • "I’m all for dressing up… but, how do you wear this?"
  • "If I see another couple holding hands, I’ll… I’ll-"
  • "Young love, isn’t it sweet?"
  • "Who did you get all these roses for?"
  • "I don’t love you, I’m just hear for the chocolate."
  • "So, let me get this right, you want me to be a stand in to make the person you like jealous?"
  • "Valentines? Pft!"
  • "That’s the least romantic thing anyone has ever said to me…"
  • "What are you doing? Why are you on one knee? Get up! Get up!"
  • "My mum gave me a rose because she felt sorry for me."
  • "Look, you can buy me all the chocolate’s in the world, I still won’t go out with you."
  • "A diamond ring? I appreciate the offer… but don’t you think this is a bit… excessive?"

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"He loves me, he loves me not… oh." "She loves me, she loves me not… oh." "I don’t think it’s love…" "So, is there anyone you’re secretly crushing on?" "I don’t even like chocolate." "Yeah, nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a bouquet that’...
Send me a ? and I will generate a number for what my muse will say to yours. FLUFF SPECIAL/A bit shipping inclined. 1-25 1.      “Come on, let’s snuggle.” 2.      “Movies and chocolate all day? I think so.” 3.      “You’re nice and warm.” 4.      “You look like you need a hug.” 5.      “You’re a...
[text] I might be pregnant [text] Are you pregnant? [text] I’ll be home earlier than expected! [text] I won’t be home today, don’t wait up [text] How would you feel about moving in? [text] I have a surprise for you! [text] I’ve got the popcorn, chosen the film- all you hav...
  • "This house doesn't feel like a home anymore. It feels... empty. And hollow"
  • "When you say that you love me I don't believe it"
  • "You're standing there watching as my heart breaks for you and you're doing nothing!"
  • "I'm giving up on you"
  • "I'm done with you"
  • "I'm done with letting you break my heart over and over again"
  • "I'm done with crying myself to sleep every night"
  • "I've cried all my tears for you and now... there's none left"
  • ...
Send my muse "Gimme gimme gimme!"
And I’ll randomly generate a number from 1-45 to see what my muse gives yours from the list below. All simple or fluff! A bouquet of flowers A box of chocolates A baby A hamper of treats Some “get well soon” soup A list of chores Balloons Tickets to a screening of their favourite ...
  • "A little change can be good."
  • "Be happy, that's all I want you to do."
  • "Come here."
  • "Crying will get you nowhere, my dear."
  • "Don't say that, you're way better than that."
  • "Do tell me what is the matter."
  • "Hey now, don't cry."
  • "I'm not sure you know how much I love you."
  • ...
"Now that they’re asleep we can have some quiet time." "The baby won’t stop crying." "No no, I’m pretty sure his/her first word was dad." "Are you kidding me? There first word was mum." "I didn’t spend 9 hours in labour for you to get out of making dinner just because you hav...
SFW Romance Sentence Meme
“As long as you’re happy, I’m happy.” “Death isn’t the end of true love, only a test.” “Dogs are always gonna chase cars, just like I’m always gonna chase you.” “Heaven without you would be hell.” “I can’t tell you how happy I am that...
I’ll randomly generate a number from 1-30 to see how our muses spend their weekend- all fluff. Doing nothing Vist a zoo Go to the cinema Make cakes Prank call everyone Window shopping Playing games Making their own face scrubs Camping in the wilderness Hitch hiking At a pet shelter Making cost...
Sad 'n' fluffy RP starters!
"Have you ever been to a funeral before?" "Do you want to hold my hand?" "You look like you need a hug." "Please hold me." "Don’t worry, it’s not real. It’s all a dream." "Shhh, it’s okay now. You’re safe in my arms." "Hold me until I forget." "I don’t feel good. Stay with me…" "Don’t worry, baby, I...
  • Send one of these to my muse and they'll react to having it whispered in their ear. It's a mix of fluff, angst, and nsfw.
  • "I'm going to kill you."
  • "You're mine, and mine alone."
  • "No one's gonna harm you."
  • "Stay away from me."
  • "Watch your back."
  • "Kiss me or kill me, the choice is yours."
  • "I'm going to make you tremble."
  • ...
  • "Hey there, Rudolph."
  • "I'm pretty sure tissues exist so you won't sneeze on me."
  • "Ugh! Cover your mouth!"
  • "You sound awful, you know that?"
  • "And you've been like this how long?"
  • "You really can't take care of yourself, can you?"
  • "Oh, gross! I better not get sick!"
  • "What are you doing here? You should be in bed."
  • ...