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vegan veganism animal rights animal welfare environment

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vegan veganism animal rights animal welfare environment
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The UN says that a a global move towards veganism is essential unless you support poverty, extinction, and environmental catastrophe.   The Human Rights Watch says that slaughterhouse workers are forced to work in unacceptable conditions.    Harvard keeps spewing out studies that say animal products...
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Truth behind dairy Truth behind eggs/chicken Truth behind beef Truth behind pork Truth behind animal testing Truth behind fur for fashion Veganism and the environment (All brought to you and put together by moi)
There's no rational argument against veganism
If you write a list of the pros and cons to eating animals, you’ll find that pretty much the only thing you’ll have in the pros column is taste. In the cons column you’ll find a long list of ethical, environmental and health reasons to avoid animal products. But people ignore all o...
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*UPDATED* Documentaries on Veganism That You Can Watch Free Online
I’ve compiled a list of documentaries and lectures relating to veganism that can all be accessed free online, it’s rebloggable, and can also be accessed on my blog under the link “WATCH.” I have tried to cover as many different topics as possible. Feel free to add to the list...
It’s not “bacon,” it’s a pig. It’s not “veal,” it’s a calf. It’s not “steak,” it’s a cow. It’s not “meat,” it’s an animal…
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All I want for Christmas is for people to be kinder to animals.
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