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  • Vegan:Dogs and Cats are often killed in the fur trade
  • Non Vegan:...
  • Vegan:Dogs and Cats are often tested on for medicine and cosmestics
  • Non Vegan:...
  • Vegan:Dogs and Cats are often selectively bred for humans while other undesirable breeds that could be adopted are put to death
  • Non Vegan:..
  • Vegan:After extensive research, approval from my vet, blood-work and tests, I've decided to put my dog on a vegan diet. Standard dog food was making her sick.
  • Non Vegan:OMFG! How dare you, you sick animal abusers! YOURE GONNA KILL YOUR DOG YOU piece of shit!!! burn in hell! I HOPE YOUR DOG GETS TAKEN AWAY!!

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It’s not “bacon,” it’s a pig. It’s not “veal,” it’s a calf. It’s not “steak,” it’s a cow. It’s not “meat,” it’s an animal…
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Omnivores reaction to: 58 billion farm animals killed Omnivores reaction to one dog killed:
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The 760 million tons of grain used to feed animals to produce meat could feed 11 billion people and ...
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