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Big Time Rush plays Catchphrase at KDWB
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Big Time Rush Season 4 promo
  • Carlos:So if you guys have a light saber, or a cell phone, or something that lights up, hold it up in the air right now, really high...
  • Kendall:or an iPad, if you have an iPad, hold your iPad up...
  • James:and if you have a desktop computer, it'd be heavy, but get it up there.¬†
  • Male fan:Have you guys ever brought a guy up on stage?
  • Kendall:No, we haven't yet but Carlos brought up a mom yesterday!
  • Carlos:I don't even know how that would work. /starts singing. guy, I've been thinking about you~ No. It just doesn't work.
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kendall riding a segway 
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Big Time Decision Sneak Peek: Running Away