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why is no one paying attention to gideon emery.

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Me: I’m totally gonna be an asshole this playthroughAsshole option: *appears*Me:
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Holds analog stick halfway so my character walks slowly for dramatic effect.
dragon age dragon age 2 hawke FemHawke fenris DA2 enyim ye i immediately thought of something cheesy and adorable when i saw the post ive been drawing nonstop today i have to stop holy shit
  • Alistair:you're attracted to a sense of humor and there's a part of you that appreciates cheesy romance
  • Morrigan:you're into women that could walk on your face and you'd say thanks
  • Zevran:you were planning on romancing someone else, and then after meeting Zevran you had a "holy shit Zevran is smooth as FUCK" realization before quickly changing your romance
  • Leliana:you like cute girls
  • Anders:someone probably thinks that you're the most boring person in existence or the most obnoxious person in existence
  • Isabela:you say "holy shit I am so gay" on a regular basis, or you're really into women that could walk on your face and you'd say thanks
  • Fenris:you might have a voice kink
  • Merrill:you like cute girls
  • ...
dragon age anders da fenris long post fenders arto anders* aka my fenris&anders being dorks tag juuust a doodly comic because i dont have neither strength nor time for *more quality drawings lately *whispers: bonus points for naming cat in the tags* i drew a comic i love my shitty sense of humour fight me
i’ve seen a lot of fandom negativity lately so i think i’m going to start posting DA character positive stuff and since i’ve been in a fenris mood lately i’ll start there so here are some awesome things about my fave glowing elf:fenris is incredibly intelligent and diplomatic. he speaks three differ...
My art dragon age leliana this was a mistake thank you tessa i've been replaying all dragon age games in preperation for trespasser