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damn cartoon network not taking any shit from the homophobes

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damn cartoon network not taking any shit from the homophobes
The Titans having fun. ps the Raven X Robin ships are gonna ...
* teen titans beast boy episode 257494 teentitansedit
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robin teen titans teen titans gif n3rdgif i made a slight edit to this scene...made the wall behind him pitch black it's a great contrast to the magenta flashing and it just looks cool
teen titans
pokemon robin teen titans raven yassart i just wanted to draw yveltal and raven and this went off the rails
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  • Nolan:Batman works alone. We're not bringing in the Robins or any of the Bat family. Bruce is on his own.
  • Ben Affleck:*rips open jacket to reveal World's Best Dad t-shirt*
  • Ben Affleck:Batdad is here.
teen titans I LOVE HER!!! she's Navajo I just looked it up!!!