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Women of ‘Hamilton’ perform quotes from feminist icons

In honor of Women’s History Month, Glamour asked Hamilton stars Renée Elise Goldsberry, Phillipa Soo and Jasmine Cephas Jones (Angelica, Eliza…and Peggy) to sing and rap some famous quotes from feminist icons.

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rachel berry Quinn Fabray ! faberry bless gif 3 look at quinn's FACE that is the most pure vulnerable just intense look quinn has ever had and she is looking at RACHEL BERRY okay so this photset is basically what i imagine is going on in quinn's mind as she stares at rachel in the middle of her speech she's remembering all the times rachel has been there for her encouraged her believed in her then at the last second of the gif you can see a slight change in her expression as if she has just realized that she is in love with rachel berry ahdgsjahsghjasd omg why do feelings even exist fuuuuuuuu all my faberry feelings ALL OF THEM and then some came back last night
stop woohyun Dongwoo tears sobs boyfriends screams i will go down with this ship also shrieks jdwgif wEEPS I WAS SERIOUSLY SOBBING AT MY SCREEN WHILE WATCHING OKAY I LOVE THEM SOS MCUC H GKGLM NOT TO MENTION THAT THEY WERE TOGETHER IN A ROOM THAT NIGHT!! AGAIN!!!! bottom middle is going to be my cause of death part of me wishes i was hyun tho tbh MYUNG FUCKING SOO L M F  A O I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING MAKING THESE BCUZ OF FUCKING MYUNGSOO SWINGING FROM ONE SIDE TO THE NEXT THE ENTIRE FUCKING TIME u g h i just i just really love that they always do things like these quietly in the back like for these i cropped because the focus was actually on hoya and gyu? so they're not even doing this for the show? and they often hold hands like this in the back i remember they often did the same during sp ;______________;
dean winchester onionchester %spn %spnsets 6.02 look at them both trYING SO HARD i'm not happy at this colouring but i'm going with it dad of the year
legend of korra Just look at them ok this scene was so sad that one guy has his face in his hand how depressing you make me sad metalbenders tv:lok
vest blonde Blake Lively beach beach hair white tank red skirt
gif exo Kai exo k Just look at them d.o OMG MY FEELS have I told u guys how much I love kaisoo obv not they're so qt
glee sigh Quinn Fabray $ angel glee* okay anyway I HATE THIS DUMB SCENE SO MUCH HERE IS MY DISCLAIMER yes quinn was wrong in what she said and yes she needed to be called out on it BUT not like that to belittle and push aside everything because ''and besides you're going to yale'' since WHEN is yale suddenly the solution to everything and idk they were two totally different situations he shouldnt have been comparing them and I JSUt and i hate making kurt look like the ''bad guy'' bc hes not like this was soo out of character i just blame it on poor writing tbh
mine Seungri Big Bang omfg daesung taeyang t.o.p g-dragon choi seunghyun so yeah such a five years old look at his expressions he was surprised at first the he claps like a stupid ass boss and they way he blow his candles and he was like omfg what an amazing bday present OMFG IT'S PINK My fav color omg let me die and dae was like wowwwwwwwwww wowwwwwwwwwwww and seungri all smiley with while singing bday song and todae bromance and jiyong and tae was there but the video was cut out weirdly but only a glimpse of them
photoset brooke davis One Tree Hill sophia bush haley james scott Bethany Joy SANDY HAS SYLVIA SHOWED THIS VIDEO TO YOU YET? THIS IS A QUOTE THAT HAPPENED all of my feelings this photoset could've been epic if i wasn't too lazy to use gifs from other seasons but alas otp: the girl i love
gif love LOL film 10k marriage feminism silkchemise arranged arranged marriage Francis Benhamou Zoe Lister-Jones
homestuck Rose Lalonde rose i love her so much please stop interpreting her wrong
supernatural my stuff the impala deanschevyimpala she's so fine look at dat ass the winchester home the chevy to rull them all Love waits for me round the bend Leads me endlessly on mary fahl's going home is pretty