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What happens when you put a boy in front of a girl and ask him to slap her?

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1k One Direction mine 1D Gotta Be You 1dgif sstyls in case u wanted to see it ha its kinda random oops i really like this music video
music beyonce :p Kelly Rowland I know I'm late but I just wanted to get in on this Beyonce thing Fuck this I aint late... yall mtherfuckers are too early
Harry Styles Niall Horan narry au narry storan my au golf date narry au its too late to be posting this but whatever i was lazy didnt make until now
Emma Watson logan lerman The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Ezra Miller im sad perks whatevs moviepicspam is it too late to be posting this?
mine poems these are hella fun to write i know i've posted this before but im posting it again sshh so be nice please
1k my edits oh well jf John Frusciante john frusciante birthday jf edit John Anthony Frusciante i'm quite late to the party but this srsly took ages to make its a very emotional time yall huge fucking edits
Personal 1000k CassJayTuck zero notes gif: g cassidy tucker see me watching videos 6 months after everyone what can I do I don't //love// vlogs but I like this girl late always late what did you expect i'm cathing up on friends only now I think giffing a video that is 6 months old is not that big of a deal also I know there's probably 329487240928 =/= versions of this but i'm too lazy to search so
torcon my torcon i'm so late posting these aha i don't care i'm nostalgic a man amazing beauty nova face
high school musical 1kplus sharpay evans troy bolton high school musical 3 why am i posting this **g **gmovies **ghsm HSM IS HARD TO COLOR DON'T LOOK AT THIS WHY AM I POSTING IT NOW SO MANY QUESTIONS WE DJUST DON'T KNOW
gifs* stuff* veronica mars Logan Echolls vm my babes logan x veronica Logan and Veronica onlyyouweek my smartass kids look at them :))) this was supposed to be 8 but why 8 when you can have 10 ya feel me this was probably my favorite day of the challenge they're both so sassy also this is probably teh last thing i'm posting bc i have no ideas for the free day/LoVe things (if you have suggestions just let me know) but ya this was fun!
Matchmaker (draft 9/17)
AJ Rafael  Arthur J Rafael's Album
MATCHMAKER a song about realizing that sometimes you’re put into people...