• happy halloween! video parks and recreation leslie knope ben wyatt 5.05 I was going to make a photoset but with tumblr the way it is I thought this might be better I'm also pretty sure it wasn't ACTUALLY halloween when ben proposed but it's a halloween-themed episode so just go with it dailybenleslie •

happy halloween!

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happy halloween!
my gifs star wars parks and recreation leslie knope ben wyatt and others parksedit parksandrecedit AND NO ONE IS SURPRISED I MADE THIS MY FAVORITE SHOW + FAVORITE MOVIES :'))) i didnt include ron's 'is sw the one with the wizard boy' bc it's not really a reference also the filibuster guy had more lines about sw but couldnt fit it all in 10 gifs LOL 80% OF THESE ARE JUST MY HUSBAND BEN WYATT BEING A CUTE NERD I LOVE HIM
parks and recreation parks and rec amy poehler leslie knope ben wyatt adam scott ben x leslie when i was making this i had like 5 other making out ones but had to cut it down
parks and recreation leslie knope ben wyatt s4 4.08 parksedit every episode leslie's character growth throughout this arc is amazing leading up to this scene she's so mature here but also so brave and you can see she really is afraid that he'll think it -- and she's -- not worth it even though everyone in the universe can see how grossly in love ben is (haha i didn't even notice it until giffing this scene but in the fourth gif you can see ben drop his head and shake it because he thinks she's just doing another one of her moving-the-goalpost bits where she tries to keep him in her life in a way that will just make it hurt more) these two kill me and i could talk about this scene for ages
TV television parks and recreation parks and rec leslie knope ben wyatt nbc hulu beslie we love you and we like you but seriously Eagletonians don't even think about it anybody know Joe Biden's address off the top of their head? BYOS: Bring Your Own Syrup haha. no. just kidding. this is a WEDDING. of course we'll provide syrup this is america. I want this relationship now. leslie knope-wyatt
parks and recreation s6 leslie knope ben wyatt parksedit bts or promo i attempted to edit pics! also it was a real struggle to contain myself to just one of the paris pics
gif 1k made by me parks and recreation leslie knope ben wyatt parksedit par* get to know me meme
parks and recreation leslie knope ben wyatt mine: gif ben x leslie mineparks ok i wanted to wait till friday but i already made the rest of it and i just had to (i'll just reupload the last one when the ep is out in 720 tho) i have a lot of gross feels about these two like omg look at them. they've come so faar and now they're getting married i just :'))))))))))
queue television parks and recreation leslie knope ann perkins parksgifs pnrtvt Funny thing is Leslie didn't intend for it to be funny because to her it's not a joke. She seriously mean it when she calls Ann beautiful. pnrtvtrgba also there's more to this I am sure. I can't upload all because Tumblr I also want to dedicate this photoset to Jasmine who has been on hiatus since forever anyway tumblr get your shit together another gif set where i gave up with the colouring cause of tumblr feel free to remove all these tags just keep the link at the description box she definitely loves Ann
s3 parks and recreation leslie knope ben wyatt 3.14 parksedit every episode favorite things about this: EVERYTHING but more specifically ben hesitating in the 2nd gif because he knows what he wants to say and how huge it is and faces in the bottom two!!!
s2 parks and recreation leslie knope ben wyatt parksedit 2.23 every episode now that the show's over i thought this would make a fun meme i have a couple ones for future episodes giffed already but if there's a specific scene or moment you'd like to see let me know!
parks and recreation parks and rec leslie knope our stuff I AM OVERWHELMED AND DISTRAUGHT