• when HLs asked tao to live happily and not to care... video tao zitao i lov him so much ztaohs •

when HLs asked tao to live happily and not to care about what other people say and he literally said “it’s ok i don’t give a shit”

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MY EDIT piercings tao exo m zitao gfx1 100tao coldcreateheat i find his piercings so incredibly attractive and his profile is absolute stunning seriously it's so unique and prominent and it just fits him so well i love you zitao
edit exo tao EXO-M zitao exoedit 50tao I CAN'T STOP EDITING HIM I----  HELP
gif exo tao sehun oh sehun huang zitao exo gif thehun china love big concert exo tao i love u so much exo sehun sehunssi
louis tomlinson mygifs my show im melting LOOK AT HOW CUTE IM GETTING A CAVITY!!! i was smilin so hard throughout making these like i couldnt deal with it i lov ehim soosos much again i took this video so i dont have a  link :-(((( im sorrY!!!
my gif exo tao i hate you exo m SOBBING smirk i hate you so much huang zitao stop it akdfj; tao100gifs
my gif beauty exo tao exo m zitao tao100gifs rtlzt oh god i can watch him performing for forever tbh he just sort of draws you in with the way he moves and how passionate he is i love how he dances too it's like he doesn't do the choreo exactly but he adds his own flair to the moves and ugh it's perfect; fuck i love you so much zitao i can't wait until i can see you perform on stage again
exo tao healynedits im so proud of him oh gosh i love him so much he's like my sun in my life my little panda
my stuff exo tao exo m [ my gifs ] exo zitao h8 him he's so dumb don't even care that this has been giffed i saw it in the car and was dying because of his stupid face and everything but not rly
i love you exo tao exo m zitao gfx1 100tao it was that third photo that made me want to edit this tbh he just looked so vulnerable and alone it made my heart ache i always felt like you loved the sea so much zitao because it seems endless when you look out you can imagine yourself doing anything being anything having no limits - just like the sea the sea is your home zitao i hope you can visit home again soon rtlzt each part of the quote corresponds to each gif;; at least it's supposed to
exo tao EXO-K zitao i'm posting too much today
my gif exo tao sehun baekhyun suho chanyeol zitao idol olympics tao100gifs high jump wanted to gif a fancam of this so badly yayy
exo tao EXO-M zitao edit:eyes tao's hair was always on his eyes so it's so hard to find fringeup!tao and i don't have so many tao pics and i kinda take off his heavy eye bags a little