• when HLs asked tao to live happily and not to care... video tao zitao i lov him so much ztaohs •

when HLs asked tao to live happily and not to care about what other people say and he literally said “it’s ok i don’t give a shit”

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when HLs asked tao to live happily and not to care about wha...
1k exo tao exo m g zitao gif:tao i love love love his support the lightboards look amazing so much effort put into it for him hehe
tao zitao im cry that gorl iz me i wanna up him so bad
MY EDIT piercings tao exo m zitao gfx1 100tao coldcreateheat i find his piercings so incredibly attractive and his profile is absolute stunning seriously it's so unique and prominent and it just fits him so well i love you zitao
LOL exo tao sehun lol xD huang zitao they're so adorable exo tao IM SO JEALOUS z.tao hailangs I really wanna smell him too~ one day I hope one day i'll be lucky enough to smell him
edit exo tao EXO-M zitao exoedit 50tao I CAN'T STOP EDITING HIM I----  HELP
gif exo tao sehun oh sehun huang zitao exo gif thehun china love big concert exo tao i love u so much exo sehun sehunssi
my gif exo tao i hate you exo m SOBBING smirk i hate you so much huang zitao stop it akdfj; tao100gifs
hahahaha sigh exo tao what are you doing exo m Luhan Lay my gifs: exo but i love it Kris yixing xiumin zitao kristao taoris wu yifan duizhang It confuses me i miss you sir when my otps make me happy there's still so much kris in xoxo kris just starts singing outta nowhere and it's like what? and look at tao's reaction me too tao but then tao tells him to do something
exo tao i ship this zitao no one loves him as much as he himself does no one!!! I even skyrocket Taoris for Tao&Tao it's like my ...how people call it?...ultimate OTP? Oh The Prick! that photobook costs like 50$? I'm not rich enough to spend my money on it..sorry
1k exo tao wink exo m g reasons zitao gif:tao bdcd14 birthday14 I HAD SO MUCH OTHER WINK IDEAS IN MIND BUT GOING THROUGH VIDEOS AND FANCAMS I JUST sorry omg so draining sighs ;w;
tao zitao IM SO HAPPY FOR HIM nothing is better than spending time with family