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My grandma sent me this video on the trans bathroom controversy. His name is the Liberal Redneck and he is now my best friend.

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REBLOG if you would support your child/children even if they turned out to be TRANSGENDER
( So I can show my transphobic parents just how many people support me and my transition, even if they don’t. ) Gay rights and support is one thing.  But almost no one talks about trans rights and support. Some parents would support their child if they were gay, but not if they were transgende...
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I want to try something. Reblog if you would play a video game with a transgendered/gender-fluid mai...
Let’s see how open-minded the gaming community is.
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Jelly Belly Chairman donates $5000 to help turn back the rights of trans kids in California to use the bath room and change rooms of their gender identity, not assigned sex.Source: THE AGE
If you identify as trans* feminine, trans* woman, or MTF, reblog this.
I just would love to see how many sisters are out there!
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The above article is an update.  Her mother went to appeal to keep her out of the psychiatric ward and lost.  She will be institutionalized because of her expression of her gender....
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