• NEVER FORGETalso bangtan are probably the first on... video v bts anyways jin jimin i did a thing Bangtan Bangtan Boys suga so fuck off jhope jungkook RapMonster bangtan sonyeondan just 'cause thanks to quy Ive had a throwback to this and I couldnt help myself from cutting it to put it here cause its like one of the most precious moments ever also I didnt subbed everything on purpose only to keep the parts I wanted but you can find the subs in the vid linked and you also have my shitty captions yea I know but its just so so precious seriously and I also think its another proof of how much bangtan members love jimin despite how they kinda tease him a lot and also its a big mindle finger in the air for all the people saying hes ugly and all like the kinda trend Ive already seen like no wtf this boy's one of the cutest things on this earth all armies think so and bangtan as well sayjjanhae •

also bangtan are probably the first ones to be ready to fight all the people saying jimin’s not cute, period

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NEVER FORGETalso bangtan are probably the first ones to be r...
v kpop bts jin jimin park jimin Bangtan Bangtan Boys suga rap monster yoongi big hit jhope hoseok namjoon kim namjoon min yoongi jung hoseok jungkook taehyung kim taehyung seokjin rapmon the bangtan boys BTS v jeon jungkook bangtan sonyeondan BTS COMEBACK bangtan sonyeondumb bts rapmon
1k otp MY EDIT 5k 2k 4k 3k qistina Mine:Free! makoharu free!edit kintokie RMB WHEN I SAID I WANTED TO GIVE YOU A BDAY PRESENT BUT I COULDNT BC I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO GIVE HAHAHAAH WELL I MADE U A LITTLE STH LIKE rLY RMB WHEN U ASKED ME FOR TAGS U COULD USE AS OTP TAGS FOR MAKOHARU WELL HERE ARE SOME MORE I EVEN PUT YOURS IN THERE MUAHAHAHAHAHAAHA anyways i kinda randomly made up some fOR EXAMPLE YOU PUT THE STARS IN MY SKY I MADE THAT UP WHILE SHOWERING I AM SO CHEESY PLS STOP ME all the other tags ive seen on my dash or while browsing the tags before hEUHEUEHUEHUEE ANYWAYS YEAH I CRIED WHILE TAKING ALL THESE SCREENSH OTS BC I WAS REWATCHING THOSE EMOTIONAL PARTS AND I KEPT FORGETTING TO TAKE THE SCREENSHOT BC I WAS TOO BUSY CRYING IM SORRY HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA also i just noticed that the middle section is liTERALLY ALL HARU IM SORRY BUT ITS OKAY RIHGT WE BOTH LOVE HARU SO YOU ARE OKA Y??? YEAH ?? ITS HARU LOOKING AT MAKOTO ANYWAYS HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA and the one which is you put the stars in my sky iTS WHEN FIREFIGHTER MAKOTOS WATER BECAM E TEH STARS AND HARUS EYES DID THE SPARKLE SPARKLE AND I CRIED also you know ep6 the beach scene when haru realised makoto was still alive he literally like fell back for a good few seconds because he wa s just thAT relieved that makoto was alive and he was like 'i didnt lose him' and it made me so emotional bc haru loves makoto so much AND PPL DONT SEE THAT PPL STILL THINK MAKOHARU IS ONE SIDED AND I WILL LITERALLY SLAM THEM AGAINST A WALL grizzly's crap
MY EDIT palstelnet svtcreations 17net bea:edit bea:lyrics ok I was //supposed/ to use the shining diamond MV but literally implementing that mv into this was so hard I FEEL LIKE I FAILED BUT I ALSO REALLY LIKE HOW THIS CAME OUT the shining diamond mv did not fit the aesthetics of this edit also YO THE FIRST IMAGE I WAS ABOUT TO LIGHT MY ASS ON FIRE BECAUSE IT WAS LOOKING LIKE SHIT but anyway the inspiration for this was from a rock to a diamond EYYY SHIniNG DIAmoND YEHH!!!! also s/o to hoshi bc i embraced being a mounteen in the first image let me kno if u guys want the first one as a wallpaper bc i got u the FIRST ONE IS SO PRETTY I HOPE U LIKE IT also idk what do to with the third one ITS ALWAYS THE THIRD ONE I LOSE IDEAS I mean I had several but they weren't working right also see how the gradient looks weird when its a gif?? like the first picture is not a gif and so its like DAMN wow so hq gradient but the 2nd and 3rd u can see the lines..... anyway hi yes please love this gfx i worked really hard hi can pledis hire me for working as their graphic design artist i cant promise itll look nice but i can work hard also just realized that only 11 of them is showing in the last one FUCK lmao sorry these tags are long
you everything about you why im sorry my angel ive been making like thousand gifs a day i have so many gifsets ideas and i cant stop making gifs but i still cant post anything why i keep remaking everything its stressing me out i remaking the colourings all the  time it has to be perfect if its going to be here it has to be perfect sometimes i just want to delete everything ive ever posted here all my gifs because nothing is good enough its all for you its not good enough it has to be perfect and i miss posting here so bad and my perfectionism has been keeping me away from here and it hurts because i love posting here so much but it also has to be perfect for you none of this makes sense my heart just hurts because this idea seems to be really good in my head i cant stop looking at you studying every little movement is the most wonderful the most beautiful the most perfect thing to me i cant cant stop repeating it yyou are everything ing this life i love you so much i love you so much with all my soul my love i really really do i love you eighty eight days almost eighty seven our day is so close so close so close so close its all i can think of and our day
LOL funny wtf school story american education system honestly you gotta read this - ive been through 11 years of schooling and its one of the stranger experiences ive had also theres a lot of spongebob swears on here like barnacles and fish paste
One Direction lotsofnotes The Wanted
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1k MY EDIT exo 2k 500 3k baekhyun edit:exo edit:baekhyun my grphx meme:50 baek
supernatural dean winchester sam winchester Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki
Benedict Cumberbatch oz comic con
vixx hakyeon jaehwan taekwoon mydol xmygif ALL TRANSLATION CREDIT GOES TO BJMOONICE link to the playlist on the mydol! okay so long tags coming SO THIS BETTER SHOW UP BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO WRITE THESE AGAIN just recently i've been so damn proud of them and they haven't even come back yet like literally all of them and if you have ever been into my mydol tag you will know i really really disliked this show and just about everything about it besides the members doing what they do and stuff they just went through soooooo much shit but seriously look at them now HAVE YOU SEEN HAKYEON DANCE RECENTLY???? HAVE YOU HEARD HONGBIN'S SOLO FROM THE MILKYWAY??? HAVE YOU EVER HEARD TAEKWOON OR JAEHWAN SING??? i know there were 4 other kids on here and i got daewon into one but i tried to just focus on the members that made it also i used their real names because it was predebut and i thought it would be fitting i just have a lot of feelings guyssssssss i'm just so damn proud because look at how far they've come? it's amazing and they're amazing and strong and they grew so much i don't think i made any typos in this one I TRIED REALLY HARD NOT TO IF I DID DON'T POINT IT OUT I FEEL PROUD OF MYSELF HERE OKAY BYE