• whale sharks always look like theyre singing some majestic apera or something when the eat regtoncats •
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whale sharks always look like theyre singing some majestic apera or something when the eat

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doctor who mine dw spoilers dwedit 50th no but they look like a boysband called... 'gallifreyan babes' or something like that ten would be the one everyone fancies and he would have the most groupies eleven would be the quirky one with all the ridiculous ideas for music videos and he would wear ridiculous costumes to the gigs and the war doctor would be the one that is always SO FUCKING DONE WITH EVERYTHING (he would be like chris wolstenholme basically) and they'd make this ~out of this universe~ music all symphonic rock with lyrics about governmental conspiracy and bloodshed and robots trying to kill the humanity and covers of their albums would always be in the same shade of blue and they'd have songs like 'merry genocide' and 'paradoxes all around' and 'imma gonna sonic you oh yiss' or 'to da tranzalore!' and the titles of their albums would be all cryptic like 'bad wolf' or 'the silence will fall' but they'd split up after some time and ten would go into country singing sad songs about his lost love eleven would try some ~ambient~ stuff and record underwater with whales and the war doctor would be just like 'oh fuck you' and he'd write an opera
english linguistics my students always look so betrayed when I show them something like this
1k my gifs sam winchester samedit spnedit tuesday sam spam m: majestic moose ep: bugs there he is ep: the purge makes my heart melt sometimes season 1 sam and season 9 sam look so different it boggles the mind but then he does something like this and i'm like yes his hair might be longer and his muscles may be bigger but he's still that awkward little boy inside
sharks doodle de doodley de i really like sharks heheh
diet shark fish whale eating sharks fishing whales sources
please don’t be a dick to a famous person’s partner out of jealousy it’s not very punk rock of you
Thresher sharks always lookin’ like they seen some shit What is it thresher shark What do you see
animals ocean sharks sea life leander tiger shark gruber
Can international fans do everyone a favor and not try to date/get to know Korean guys just because they’re Korean thinking that they’re “like oppa”
MY EDIT the mortal instruments valentine morgenstern point of view tmiedit clary morgenstern jonathan morgenstern jocelyn morgenstern i don't really like this but i wanted all morgensterns together and playing with archetypes in literature is always fun i don't like this because of the messages some of these convey in the end evil incarnates with no chance for redemption and jonathan is so much more than that in my obsessively advocating for reforming also mother figure? well i'm sorry jocie but you utterly failed in this one when it comes to jonathan and well with clary you were far from healthy and good mother (jocelyn playing with clary's mind is SO VERY MORGENSTERN OF HER check mate) (since my JONATHAN MUST BE SAVED policy i;'m having massive issues with jocie and i don't really understand why ppl build monuments for her as in the end she's majorly shady and her own sort of moral villain of the story) also look at that male seed IT'S UTTERLY CORRUPTED :-( and it needs to be cleansed and i'm gonna go crazy in tags now because there's this bit from cohf about how clary will regain honour of this blood and this family but i'm sorry the only way to do it is to produce an offspring AND LIKE HELL WITH HERONDALE? the only way to cleanse it is to produce PURELY MORGENSTERN OFFSPRING and can you imagine angel blood demon blood mixed together into this one new majestic creature with jonathan's amibtion resourcefulness and determination and clary's passion courage and heart? yep this is my favourite prompt for jonathanxclary and please sue me goodbye