• whale sharks always look like theyre singing some majestic apera or something when the eat regtoncats •
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whale sharks always look like theyre singing some majestic apera or something when the eat

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doctor who mine dw spoilers dwedit 50th no but they look like a boysband called... 'gallifreyan babes' or something like that ten would be the one everyone fancies and he would have the most groupies eleven would be the quirky one with all the ridiculous ideas for music videos and he would wear ridiculous costumes to the gigs and the war doctor would be the one that is always SO FUCKING DONE WITH EVERYTHING (he would be like chris wolstenholme basically) and they'd make this ~out of this universe~ music all symphonic rock with lyrics about governmental conspiracy and bloodshed and robots trying to kill the humanity and covers of their albums would always be in the same shade of blue and they'd have songs like 'merry genocide' and 'paradoxes all around' and 'imma gonna sonic you oh yiss' or 'to da tranzalore!' and the titles of their albums would be all cryptic like 'bad wolf' or 'the silence will fall' but they'd split up after some time and ten would go into country singing sad songs about his lost love eleven would try some ~ambient~ stuff and record underwater with whales and the war doctor would be just like 'oh fuck you' and he'd write an opera
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1k my gifs sam winchester samedit spnedit tuesday sam spam m: majestic moose ep: bugs there he is ep: the purge makes my heart melt sometimes season 1 sam and season 9 sam look so different it boggles the mind but then he does something like this and i'm like yes his hair might be longer and his muscles may be bigger but he's still that awkward little boy inside
art mine edward elric Winry Rockbell FMA Fullmetal Alchemist i can't even Edwin fmab this is so messy i couldn't draw today lol and like... all sketches sucked so hard my relationship kinda look like this :D I'm Winry sitting to the late hours or never sleep until I finish my drawings or projects haha and my Arthur is always reading something also he likes to sleep a lot and he is always mad at me when I go to sleep at 5am or he try to relocate me from my workroom to our bed whenI fell asleep yo Ed... run for your life but who cares :"D i rly rly rly need to change my art tag I know she's a queen tho but the Princess is actually cuter :3 he calls her his queen in bed owo
english linguistics my students always look so betrayed when I show them something like this
Zayn Malik Niall Horan * Ziall muska's tag this is when the girls were singing lmao they're like LOOK AT DEM HOT STUFF calm your hormones
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1k my gifs supernatural dean winchester sam winchester no one knows spnedit tuesday sam spam m: majestic moose m: wuvs hugs hope this fits the bill for what you were looking for anon! also you know how when you look at a word too long it loses meaning? the word 'drunk' no longer looks real to me is it a real word or did i just imagine it also i liked making this because the show always focuses on dean's drinking but sam's drinking has been getting worse and worse as the show goes on too especially when dean is dead or in danger
MY EDIT LOTR Frodo Baggins Samwise Gamgee lotredit frodo x sam sam's face is everything: *james bond theme* i'm his gardener and then he's like: take a look at my face take a look at it long and good this face says: i'm gonna fuck you up if you dare to breathe too close in his presence :-DD also sad stuff in my head (don't mind me i was butchering titanic ost along with celine dion things today lol) and i was thinking how protecting frodo is such an inseparable part of him HOW IT'S IN HIS VERY CORE and when frodo's gone how many times do you think he went to check on him in his room just to see the desk covered with rosie's cookies instead of usual scribbles of frodo how many times did he wake up at night not because of nightmare but because he always knew when frodo's having one and he needs to be there to reassure him they are here they are safe they are alive and it's really over how many times did he ask for him while making tea or stuffing his pipe with oldtoby or eating stew: mister frodo i saved some for you how many times before he learned there will be no answer before he remembered frodo is gone also that scene with witchking is so them :-( sam's struggling for him as darkness takes hold of him so firm and so completely frodo's there looking at horrors like at something divine filling him in the only thing filling the void growing in him and sam pleads for him to come back to come back to him don't go where i can't follow :-( i'm sorry i'm a trash and i need emotional detox *continues marathoning stuff*