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What color do you think my soul would be?

Red: Determination
Orange: Bravery
Yellow: Justice
Green: Kindness
Aqua: Patience
Blue: Integrity
Purple: Perseverance

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Send me a ? for an IC fact or send me a ? for an OOC fact.
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What was your first impression of me?
  • ⋆ :Minor personality flaw or quirk
  • ✢ :Physical advantage
  • ✣ :Physical disability/disadvantage
  • ✦ :Fatal flaw
  • ✧ :Mental or emotional strength
  • ❋ :Belief they have
  • ✩ :Belief they've questioned/struggled with
  • ✪ :Critique they have about others
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Put 'Obey Me' in my ask, followed by a command and my character will have to do it!
  • Raven (Teen Titans):Kristi
  • ♡:Your narration
  • ♥:Your dialogue
  • ❥:Your internal monologues (thoughts)
  • ❣:Your descriptions
  • ❦:Your details
  • ❧:Your plots
  • ✽:Your ideas
  • ✿:Your characterization
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What's something you think my character heard a lot in their childhood?
A noise or sound? A particular saying? Something their parents or teachers probably said a lot? Something their friends might have told them? Anything.