• sometimes chris evans looks like a sweet golden retriever and you want to pet him and bask in his su... why Chris Evans WHY DID THIS HAPPEN i'm so sad about chris evans peikachu •

sometimes chris evans looks like a sweet golden retriever and you want to pet him and bask in his sunshiny smile

and other times he looks like a fucking greek god who could nail you into the mattress and then spoon you like a princess afterwards

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so now that Chris Evans has twitter is he just going to tweet about his daily life?
“just helped a little old lady cross the street” “just played catch with an orphan” “just saved a cat from a burning building” “the cat didnt make it but I smiled and it came back to life” “then i helped clean up the debris from the burning build...
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myedits robert downey jr iron man The Avengers Captain America Chris Evans Thor mygraphics okay sorry about this guys! it's a sickness - i may need a photoshop intervention staged for me at some point for something so lazy (I re-used a picspam!) this took way too long to make! okay i am too lazy to tag this properly why isn't it may yet? this may be only the beginning! sorry again! myavengers *k
The Avengers Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth *g2 god hemsworth chris x 2 oh my god hemsworth i love you so much
photoset my edits matt smith martin freeman David Tennant Benedict Cumberbatch james mcavoy tom hiddleston Chris Evans andrew scott why did i make this ben barnes this is legit the WORST photoset i've ever made legit the worst ANYTHING i've ever made oh god what is wrong with me
I'm just going to leave this here.
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gifs Chris Evans crying myself into insanity because everything about this is too precious
Chris Evans just I'm done Let's Talk About ashley makes gifs pretty people i hate ashley makes edits how the video quality is so laughable in comparison to the actual photo quality like i'm so done with low quality videos throw me off a cliff
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