• * will schuester jake puckerman his little puppy face WHY santana-lopez •
* will schuester jake puckerman his little puppy face WHY
* will schuester jake puckerman his little puppy face WHY
* will schuester jake puckerman his little puppy face WHY

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1k gifs ** jake gyllenhaal gyllenhaaledit enemaroberts imaginecinema i love his dork face
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gif* light of my life brooklyn nine nine jake peralta B99 b99edit b99s2 my unproblematic son sad little puppy on the inside i love u
puppy labrador retriever black lab puppy lady Brady dirt face
instead of that “write an about me” meme going around, people should write a review, like on the back of a book cover, about me and i’ll put it on my blog. examples:she is so cool - anonymousdefinitely not thirsty - anonymouswho are you and why are you in my house? - my mum
my gif kuroko no basuke kuroko no basket tetsuya kuroko Kuroko Tetsuya *knb knbgraphics this was all i wanted to gif him and his little face i modified the movement a bit to get rid of the pan idk if it worked oh well
mygifs v bts his face Bangtan Bangtan Boys taehyung i had to make a separate gifset too cute not to
gif the hobbit stuff Thranduil hobbitedit marianna leepaceedit look at his beautiful face
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gifs* Pride and Prejudice mine* Oscar Isaac JUST IMAGINE! come on! austenedit papedit perioddramaedit i'm sorry but i'm very proud of it may i describe every scene i've imagined? ok the second gif is that scene when we met darcy and everyone is in love with him until they find he's proud and so look how proud he looks the third and the 4th are obviously darcy writing his letter to elizabeth and he's angry angry with himself for what he made with bingley and now not only his friend is unhappy because him but also he may have ruined his chances and of course angry with wickham that lil' piece of shit the 5th is darcy reflecting before going to longbourn with bingley and the 6th when elizabeth accepts his second proposal and he's statical for a second but my favorite is the 7th where darcy can't do a conversation oscar would be perfect as darcy and this is something that needs to happen he can make himself have a serious and severe appearance but actually he has puppy eyes he's a puppy person god made him to be darcy and once i'm dreaming may i request george blagden as bingley? for we all know he's a sweet and smiling person his cute face falling in love for a jane i'm going to implode! please someone make my dreams to come true
* *gif so funny omg brooklyn nine nine brooklyn 99 jake peralta Terry Jeffords b99edit