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witchcraft horns wicca
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  • not witchcraft:beautiful misty gardens with thorny roses and ivy vines
  • not witchcraft:tall, thin, white teenage girls wearing velvet hoods holding hands under a beautiful moon
  • not witchcraft:ancient handmade leather tomes filled with a thousand years of secret spells written with homemade ink and an owl feather quill
  • not witchcraft:intricate rules about how to build an altar and how to cast spells
  • not witchcraft:a beautiful and mysterious black cat that appeared at your door the day you chose to be a witch
  • not witchcraft:$150 of perfectly positioned crystals ringing your real cast iron pentagram cauldron next to the adorable tiny glass vials filled with tiny little potions you simply must have if you're a witch
  • not witchcraft:finding the right spell and suddenly your life is better
  • not witchcraft:meditating every day and always having elaborate rituals planned for every holiday, full moon, new moon, solstice, and equinox.
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Evolution of a witch
me 3 years ago: Don’t mess around with spirits unless you 100% know what you’re doing! You don’t know how powerful they are! Never even use a ouija board! You could accidentally summon something terrible and ruin your life! Leave this to the experts I don’t want to get hurt! ...
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Witches Reblog If...
• New, young, or considering witches can ask you questions • Your blog is free of hate and is a safe learning community (this includes bashing christians/non-pagans) • No questions (as long as they aren’t creepy) will be laughed at or shamed • It’s okay to ask you for advice or opinio...
I found some books on Witchcraft spells and herbs but I didnt have the money so here’s the free PDF files! Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews Encyclopedia of Herbs The Witch’s Master Grimoire ~ Avilynn
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