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wolf quotes words moon MTV Teen Wolf werewolves meggie royer

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wolf quotes words moon MTV Teen Wolf werewolves meggie royer
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Teen Wolf twme twedit these are the most PG swears.... n some of these aren't  even werewolves so the pun doesnt work too well........ ARTISTIC LICENCE
people in fanfiction are so good at identifying v specific smells. I literally struggle to identify vanilla when I’m sniffing a candle labelled “VANILLA” how are these kids getting woodsmoke, rain, mint, and a whiff of byronic despair from a fuckin tshirt
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* Teen Wolf mine: gif mine: teen wolf stydia otp: there's no such thing as werewolves twedit allison x scott lydia x stiles otp: a perfect combination stydiaedit potterweasley usercrystalreed in which scott had to almost watch his best friend fo through what he went through im never gonna be okay again :)
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