• When trans people hate on cis people but they preach gender identity equality.When black people hate... women Racism LGBT men black people white people feminism trans body positivity race cis skinny shaming radfem anti feminism straight people plus sized anti sjw down with cis angryinkeddrunk •

When trans people hate on cis people but they preach gender identity equality.

When black people hate on white people but they preach racial equality. 

When LGBT people hate on straight people but preach sexuality acceptance.

When women hate on men but they preach gender equality.  

When plus sized people hate on thinner people but preach body positivity.

When anyone hates on an entire group of people while preaching love and acceptance. 

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I’m not apologetic for being white. I’m not apologetic for being cis. I’ve never been racist or transphobic. I’m not going to apologise for the way I was born.
Imagine allll the anti-straight, anti-white, and anti-cis posts. All. Now replace them with gay, transgender, and black/asian/etc. By then I think Tumblr would flip their shit. EDIT: Listen. You all are missing the point. Tumblr, is a place for everyone. When I made this post it was because I s...
I am not offended by generalizations about white people or cis people.
I’m not. If a PoC blogger gets fed up and types out a post about white people without clarifying that they meant “not all white people”, or a trans person posts about cis people without saying “not all cis people” I am not offended. Do you want to know why? Because in ...
Dear Cis People:
Can you please, for the love of god, just accept the word “cis”? I’m so sick of describing obviously cis people as cis and hearing the usual “Why do you have to label everyone? Why can’t you just let people be people?” Am I supposed to accept that I’m trans ...
"Kill all men" typed the teenage girl on the laptop her father bought for her
It’s funny how people be like ‘I’m anti-feminist because of what I’ve seen them say/do’ But when Black people are like ‘I don’t like white people because of what they say/do’, it’s all ‘HATE DOESN’T STOP HATE, WOW YOU CAN’T JUDG...
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Disliking a trans or nonbinary individual does not mean you get to misgender them as if correct pronouns are a privilege that only nice trans people get to have.
feminism hypocrisy Hitler Social Justice Jews sjw antisemitism anti feminism anti sjw menism This is what social justice looks like
It’s ok to be white.It’s ok to be cis.It’s ok to be straight.It’s ok to be male.It’s ok to be all of these at once. If someone tells you otherwise, they are not venting, they are not fighting for justice, they are not lifting others up by bringing you down, they are jus...
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friendly reminder that body positivity is not just about curvy cisgendered able-bodied pale women with flawless skin