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women tech overheard IBM hiring women
women tech overheard IBM hiring women
women tech overheard IBM hiring women
women tech overheard IBM hiring women

Woman live tweets IBM execs discussing why they don’t hire women, tries not to throw up

Toronto-based editor Lyndsay Kirkham has started a firestorm this week after overhearing what was apparently an incredibly sexist conversation between IBM executives at lunch — and live-tweeting it.

Unaware that they were transmitting sexist nonsense to cyberspace, the IBM executives openly discussed “why they don’t hire women.” If you take Kirkham’s account at its word, it actually gets way worse.

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Overheard: "Oh, honey—don't you know, Democratic women are the life of the party."
Today I am thinking of women too often ignored or even hurt by the feminist movement. Trans* women, ...
My feminism will ALWAYS include trans women, sex workers, women of color, disabled women, fat women,...
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